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Faculty Desktop Support provides on-site desktop and laptop support for the faculty of the Arts & Sciences at Columbia University. Assistance will be provided by appointment on a first come, first served basis. When requesting assistance, please indicate some times you might be available at your computer for help. Upon receiving your request, FDS will contact you as soon as possible (same day in most cases) to set up an appointment.

Check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact info:

By Email:
By Phone: (212) 854-0702
Via the Web: Request Help Online or Leave Feedback

Contact us if you need help with:

  • Software installation, configuration, and training
  • General Software and hardware troubleshooting
  • Pre-purchase advice and consulting
  • Virus protection
  • Backup and data recovery consultation
  • Installation and configuration of new peripherals including printers, monitors, handheld devices, etc
  • Help with internet connectivity and Email problems
  • Help with word processing software
  • Help with accessing online research tools
  • Help with setting up a website

What our support does not cover:

  • Hardware repairs (though we can help you diagnose the problem and find alternate support)
  • Off campus locations: our service will be limited to faculty in the Arts & Sciences on the morningside campus. "House calls" will not be made.
  • Data entry or other routine computer tasks, such as word processing, web page edits, etc. We can, however, offer assistance in installing and configuring software as well as basic training in most applications.

We serve the faculty and administrative computers in the following departments:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Economics
  3. History
  4. Political Science
  5. Sociology
  6. Art History & Archaeology
  7. EALAC
  8. English & Comparative Literature
  9. French & Romance Philology
  10. Germanic Languages
  11. Classics
  12. Italian
  13. MEALAC
  14. Music
  15. Philosophy
  16. Religion
  17. Slavic Languages
  18. Spanish & Portuguese
  19. Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology (E3B)
  20. Astronomy

Support for Administrative staff only for the following departments:

  1. Biology
  2. Physics
  3. Chemistry
  4. Psychology
  5. Statistics
  6. Mathematics
  7. EES (earth and environmental sciences)
  8. Astrophysics
  9. Center for Integrated Science and Engineering

Last updated December 2014