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Download, convert, and edit an online video:

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Disclaimer: Please pay attention to any applicable copyright concerns, and understand the scope and limitations of Fair Use.

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Untitled Document Disclaimer: The workflows here are offered as guides for further experimentation and learning. The technological landscape for Audio/Visual editing changes rapidly; the products and methods mentioned are for illustrative purposes only.


In this example, we will clip 20 seconds from the middle of a Youtube video using a freely available online tool called Splicd.

  1. Go to and download and install Realplayer SP (free).
  2. Go to (Other similar online services may be available as well).
  3. Enter the URL of your video, and type in the timestamps of the beginning and ending of the clip you would like to extract from the video. Click continue.

  4. Splicd will process and then begin playing the clip you defined in Step 3, with options to download or share it.

  5. If you have installed Realplayer as in Step 1, you can use Realplayer (free) to download and convert the clip. Simply roll your mouse over the video while it is playing, and a Realplayer pop up message ("Download this Video") appears. Click the pop up message.

  6. For continuing instructions on using Realplayer to download/convert your video clip , click here.
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Last Updated 10/10/09

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