Updated: 4 October 2001

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Columbia Law Students
For Enacting Humane Drug Policies

Highlights from Last Semester:

March 23 and 24 at Columbia Law School
Widening Destruction: a Teach in on The Drug War and Colombia

Co-sponsored with The North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA)
Featuring: Luis Gilberto Murillo (exiled governor, Department of El Chocó), Graham Boyd (ACLU), Deborah Small (The Lindesmith Center Drug Policy Foundation), Sanho Tree (Institute for Policy Studies) and more.
About 115 attendees contributed to discussions inspired by panels ttitled: "Report from Colombia," "Race, Class, Drugs and American Puritanism," and "Foreign Drug Policy and the New Imperialism" and "Alternatives to Drug Warfare." 

March 27
Drop the Rock

Nine Columbia law students lobbied representatives in Albany, New York encourage them to repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws.  Governor Pataki himself has suggested a plan for reforming the drug laws, however they amount to too little too late.  Check out the news reports:

Columbia Law Students for Enacting Humane Drug Policies (FEHDP) is dedicated to eradicating human rights violations and the encroachment of individual civil liberties caused by current drug enforcement policies. FEHDP's primary goal is to shed light on the injustices of the "War on Drugs," while advancing humane and effective ways to reduce and prevent the harms of drug abuse in society. 

FEHDP is the first law student organization in the country to focus on drug policy reform. We welcome all students interested in drug policy issues, regardless of political affiliation or personal beliefs.

If you're  FEHDP (pronounced "fed-up"), fill out this form to be added to our mailing list.

For questions or comments relating to this site, please contact fehdp@lobbyist.com. Thank you for visiting.

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