Minutes From 11 Oct. 2000

Hey everyone!

Here's the summary of what we discussed/decided/volunteered for... Read through carefully so we're all up to speed- lots of exciting things happening! Go FEHDP Go!

1) FEHDP Information Table in the law school Lobby: HEA ACT

(The 1998 ammendments to the Higher Education Act deny federal financial aid to any student convicted of any drug crime, even mere posession.)

For more information check out the COOL NEW FEHDP webcite at http://www.columbia.edu/cu/fehdp JUDY is in charge- please email her at: jms425 to sign up any available time to help sit at the table. Date: Tuesday Nov. 14th All Day!

2) FEHDP SPRING CONFERENCE - Planning/Brainstorming Meeting MONDAY - OCTOBER 30th - everyone is ENCOURGAGED to come and contribute. We'll be deciding: conference theme, panels, speakers, findraising ideas... We're meeting at 4pm-6pm in the CASE LOUNGE, 7th floor of JG

Fundrasing for the conference:

-Anne and Kiovanna will format a general letter- we now have official Columbia University- FEHDP stationary!

-ANDREW and JOSEN will use Job Finder to mass mail letters to firms asking for support.

-JOSH will contact the President and Provost office in Lerner hall to inquire about the money allocated to student organizations that are hosting their first conference.

-JUDY will see about having Barnes & Noble sponsor a book table.

3) FEHDP LENFEST GATHERING! FEHDP has been approved to host a lenfest gathering in November. Student services will sponsor the event! WE are encouraged to invite faculty members to attend. Please think about what faculty you would like to invite. DATE: tentative, either- Thursday Nov. 16th 4-6pm, or MONDAY Nov. 20 4-6pm.

4) Next FEHDP general meeting- WEDNESDAY, Nov. 8, LUNCH- save the date!!

5)A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual, published by the Columbia Human Rights Law Review, is holding a training on prison litigation on Wednesday, November 1. FEHDP members are encouraged to attend! 6pm-9pm, WJ600