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Our Beliefs

Membership in Phi Iota Alpha Latino Fraternity is a life-long commitment
to the Latin American culture. It involves intellectual development, cultural
consciousness, personal growth, personal achievement and social awareness.
Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity believes that the Latin American community
here in the United States and in the Latin American countries are in need
of new sources of intellectual capital to identify, address and solve the
difficult challenges they face. Therefore, it is dedicated to developing in
its members an awareness of the common values and traditions of the nations
of Latin America and to preparing them to become active participants in the
process of advancing the social and economic conditions of all Latin Americans.

Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity strongly encourages scholarship through the pursuit
of undergraduate degrees, advanced degrees, and the attainment of professional
credentials that strengthen its individual members. However, it also guides
them to craft a new vision that moves beyond the attainment of personal and
professional goals, so that they may contribute to the larger good of the
community through individual acts and deeds.

The most distinguishing feature of Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity is that it instills
in its members a Global Latino perspective. This is an orientation that transcends
the existing national boundaries that have separated Latin America. It builds on
the spirit and traditions of Pan-Americanism, and supports and promotes actions
leading to an eventual unification of all the countries of Latin America.

Our Mission

Promotion of personal, community, and Pan-American development through the ideals
of Bolivar and Marti as well as other Pan-American intellectuals and their philosophies;
Creation of a Latin American consciousness; Intensification of education with a Latin
American character; Economic and social mobilization of Latin American communities globally;
Intensification of contact between Pan-American Countries with the intention of forming
a unified network of professional and economic contacts in order to ultimately achieve the
unification of Latin America; Conservation of the integrity of the Latin American character.
Rejection of war and violence as a means to achieving "La Union De La Patria Latino Americana."

Our Vision

La Union De La Patria Latino Americana


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Daniel Salgado


Spring '15

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Lorenzo Orozco CABADA

Vice President

Spring '15

team img 5

Jason Perez

Public Relations Chair

Spring '15

team img 5

Christian Puerta


Fall '16

team img 5

J.D. Jaramillo

Social Chair

Fall '16

team img 5

Christian Cruz


Fall '16

team img 5

Kris Mizhquiri

Alumni Relations Chair

Spring '15

team img 5

Ricardo Barajas

Political Chair

Spring '16

team img 5

Alejandro Desince

Philanphropy/Community Service Chair

Spring '16

team img 5

Eloy Ruiz

Communications Chair

Fall '17

team img 5

Bryan Ontiveros


Fall '17

team img 5

Julio Melchor


Fall '17

team img 5

Pablo Galviz


Fall '17


Bernardo O'Higgins

The leader of Chile's first independent government and a brilliant soldier, Bernardo O'Higgins led the Chileans in their battle for independence. An idealist reformer, he was the first nationalist in the Americas to abolish black slavery. An extraordinary leader in face of overwhelming odds, O'higgins preservered to the very end as he was later exiled.

Jose de San Martin

One of the greatest heroes of South American independence was Jose de San Martin. He helped liberate Argentina, Chile, and Peru from Spanish rule. A proud ruler, at the height of his success he relinquished his power to Simon Bolivar after a historic meeting in 1822. In later years he would live a peaceful life with his young daughter Mercedes.

Simon Bolivar

Known as El Libertador (the Liberator), Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia owe their independence from Spain to Simon Bolivar. Born on July 24, 1783 into a prominent family in Venezuela, this great statesman, writer, and revolutionary general gave up his status for a more noble cause, independence of Latin America from foreign rule.

Benito Juarez

Mexico's national hero and its first president of Indian descent was Benito Juarez. During his years in the Mexican Government, he succeeded in undermining the power of the Roman Catholic Church and the wealthy landlords in order to make Mexico a constitutional democracy. Benito Juarez is also known for his efforts against the 1861 French intervention.

Jose Marti

Cuba's foremost patriot in the struggle for independence from Spain was the poet and essayist Jose Julian Marti. His lifelong dedication to Cuban freedom was spelled out in essays and poems that circulated throughout the Latin American countries. His essays did much to promote better relations between the United States and Latin America and Latin countries.


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Alpha Gamma Line

Fall 2017
1. Pablo Calderon "Bohemio" Galaviz
2. Julio "K$VGLITCHER" Melchor
3. Bryan "B.R.A.V.O." Ontiveros

Alpha Beta Line

Fall 2016
1. Jax "Siempre Sonriente" Rivera-Mayorga
2. Eloy "Scipio Latinus" Ruiz
3. Christian "El Solo Mundo" Cruz Godoy
4. Juan Diego "Arroyo" Jaramillo
5. Christian "Tobal" Puerta

Alpha Alpha Line

Spring 2016
1. Alejandro "C.O.C.O." Desince
2. Ricardo "Alfredo" Barajas
3. John "Viktor" Dejesus

Omega Line

Spring 2015
1. Kristopher "Quixote" Mizhquiri
2. Daniel "Tru" Salgado
3. Jason "Solviento" Perez
4. Diego "Fulgencio" Delgado
5. Lorenzo "Charolastra" Orozco

Psi Line

Fall 2014
1. David "Katio" Jimenez
2. Frank "Canijo" Cabada

Chi Line

Spring 2013
1. Agustin "Shango" Davalos

Phi Line

April 2012
1. Don Canar
2. Don Monfi

Upsilon Line

April 2011
1. Don Kansas
2. Don Anton

Tau Line

November 2010
1. Don Texicano
2. Don Kewa
3. Don Odi

Sigma Line

April 2010
1. Don Ecuadigno
2. Don Tonito
3. Don Guerejo

Rho Line

November 2009
1. Don Chapulin

Pi Line

April 2009
1. Don D.O.U.G.H.B.O.Y.

Omicron Line

November 2007
1. Don Angelito
2. Don Costeno

Xi Line

April 2007
1. Don Aguante

Nu Line

April 2006
1. Don Torai
2. Don Bandolero
3. Don Sombricano

Mu Line

April 2005
1. Don Borinquito
2. Don Mulato
3. Don Juicio

Lambda Line

April 2004
1. Don Elefantin
2. Don Quetzaltenango

Kappa Line

April 2003
1. Don Guazabara
2. Don I Bibi
3. Don Guali Caona

Iota Line

April 2002
1. Don Ardiente
2. Don Vasconcelos
3. Don Tilmatzin
4. Don Capicu
5. Don Corazon Jugeto

Theta Line

November 2001
1. Don E.L. D.A.N.T.E.
2. Don Calido
3. Don Corriente

Eta Line

April 2001
1. Don Ellison
2. Don Monteagudo

Zeta Line

April 2000
1. Don Socrates
2. Don Optimista
3. Don Leonardo

Epsilon Line

April 1999
1. Don Enriquillo
2. Don Rocafuerte
3. Don Atikus
4. Don Eltodopoderoso

Delta Line

April 1998
1. Don Mente de Hierro
2. Don Daltonico

Gamma Line

April 1997
1. Don Gaiter

Beta Line

November 1996
1. Don Bushido

Alpha Line

April 1996
1. Don Bani
2. Don Colombiano Furioso
3. Don Pensado
4. Don Poche
5. Don Jibarito
6. Don Guerrero
7. Don Campizu

Founded on December 2, 1995 In Casa Fiota (Capitulo Mu).
On December 2, 1995 the Founding Line crossed into the Realm of Phi Iota Alpha.

Founding Line

1. Don Guajiro
2. Don Lempira
3. Dont Boricua Fantastico
4. Don Duarte
5. Don Caupulican
6. Don Angel Boricua
7. Don Quisqueya Boricua Poderoso
8. Corazon de Leon



If you would like more information about our chapter, please do not hesitate
to contact us using the info below. Any other information regarding Columbia Fraternity
and Sorority Life can be found at the FSL page here. Also, check out our
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Casa Fiota, East Campus H803 (1st floor), Columbia University