1999 AFCU Board

President................Forrest Wright..fjw9....x37946
Vice-President........Brian Beck......blb21...x37934


The 1998 board of the Anglers & Flyfishers thanks you for your involvement this past year. Our goal was for people who were interested in fishing to have a way to get involved. Fishing is more than food on the plate; it teaches patience, skills, and art.

Our constitution was designed so that each board would have the opportunity to run the club for one year, starting from the beginning of the spring term. Well, now is time to turn over the club to a strong and committed new board.

If you are interested in an AFCU office please let a current board member know. Positions open are Treasurer, and Secretary. Please contact Forrest or Brian. Only with your involvement and interest, will the club go on.

--AFCU was founded by Jeffrey Chen, Steve Boothe, & Dan Jethanamest