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Romanic Review 104.1-2 – Jan. - Mar. 2013

Santiago Gutiérrez García. Hacia una teoría de la sátira gallegoportuguesa y su posible duplicidad genérica.

Carl Grey Martin. “Bisclavret” and the Subject of Torture.

Michael Meere. Violence, Revenge, and the Stakes of Writing during the French Civil Wars: Simon Belyard’s Le Guysien.

Michael Call. Alceste at the Print Shop: Le Misanthrope’s Response to Molière’s 1666 Œuvres.

Robert St. Clair. Laughing Matter(s): Politics and Poetics of the (Utopian Body) in Rimbaud’s Les Effarés.

Alexandra Lukes. The Asylum of Nonsense: Antonin Artaud’s Translation of Lewis Caroll.

David Ruffel. Trans. Maria O'Sullivan. Pinget Queer.
Damon DiMauro. A Tribute to Winthrop H. Rice.


Nigel Bryant Woodbridge, trans. Boydell Brewer. The Medieval Romance of Alexander. (Sandrine Hériché-Pradeau)

Jacques Bellot. The French Method. La Méthode française [Susan Baddeley éd. et trad.]; Jean-Pierre Camus. Les Euenemens singuliers; Jérôme Fracastor. Syphilis sive morbus gallicus; Jacques Ferrand. De la maladie d'amour ou mélancolie érotique. (Hélène Cazes)

Eric R. Koch. The Aesthetic Body: Passion, Sensibility, and Corporeality in Seventeenth-Century France. (Nicholas Paige)

Nicholas White. French Divorce Fiction from the Revolution to the First World War. (Rachel Mesch)

Bracher, Nathan. After the Fall: War and Occupation in Irène Némirovsky’s Suite française. (Jonathan Weiss)

Madeline Pampel. Francis Ponge et Eugène de Kermadec, histoire d'un compagnonnage. (Hugh Hochman)

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