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Twentieth-Century French literature; French language pedagogy
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Vincent Aurora (Regis High School , NYC, 1985; Georgetown University, BA 1989; Columbia University MA, MPhil, PhD 1998) has been a lecturer in the French Department since 2001, a position that has allowed him to innovate pre-existing courses (particularly French Literature since 1800 and Intermediate French II), completely remake others (1202 for students of SIPA; Advanced Grammar and Composition I and II) and to create entirely new courses to respond to students' changing needs (the French Cultural Workshop and Accelerated Second Year French). The author of one book of literary criticism (Michel Leiris' "Failles": Immobile in mobili) and translator of Prince Michael of Greece's L'impératrice des Adieux, he has written extensively on the use of metaphor in Surrealist poetry, the intriguing combination of Auguste Comte's Positivism and quantum mechanics in Houellebecq's Les Particules élémentaires, and the method of passages parallèles and its ramifications on the interpretation of poetry. Since 1996, he has been a yearly to the Encyclopedia Britannica's yearbook on trends and events in contemporary French literature, and his most recent article, "Riffaterrean Confessions", will appear this year in the Romanic Review.

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