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Heidi Holst-Knudsen





Lecturer in French; Managing Editor, The Romanic Review

French language pedagogy
523 Philosophy Hall
(212) 851.9332

Heidi Holst-Knudsen received her PhD in French in 2001 from Columbia University. Her dissertation, Eschewing Ending: Gérard de Nerval and the Poetics of Nonclosure analyzed the poetics of fragmentation and the construction of open-ended signifying systems in the prose work of Nerval. Her article “Nerval et la mise en cause de l’auctoritas scripturale: ‘Le Songe de Polyphile’ » appeared in the Romanic Review. Her area of concentration is 19th century fiction and her research interests include aspects of Romanticism, autobiography and travel narrative. She’s given presentations on various aspects of language teaching, including the construction of web-based learning environments and the use of electronic discussion boards.

Columbia University in the City of New York
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