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Céline Marangé



Lecturer in French

Global and colonial history; French, Russian and Vietnamese studies; content-based pedagogy in second language acquisition; translation
506 Philosophy Hall
(212) 854-0534

The majority of my academic training took place in Paris and in Moscow. I received a PhD in political science from the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po) in May 2010. I was a Fox Fellow at Yale in 2006/2007. During my graduate studies, I also lived for two years in Vietnam, where I learnt Vietnamese and completed extensive field work.


Since 2007, I have taught French and/or history courses at Harvard, Columbia, Sciences Po, and the University of Chicago Center in Paris. I have a deep passion for teaching. In my history classes, I favor teaching the subject through literature and film. In my French classes, I rely on a communicative and interdisciplinary approach with a strong emphasis on cultural and sociological materials, the aim being to teach in a way that is both fun and rigorous.

At Columbia, I have the great pleasure of teaching various language courses, as well as “French for Diplomats”, a class that I designed on French foreign policy, European integration, international relations, and politics in French-speaking countries, for advanced undergraduate and SIPA students.


My research areas include global and colonial history and international relations with an interest in French, Russian and Vietnamese studies. In 2012, I published a book on Vietnamese communism and its relation to the Russian and Chinese models (1919-1991). The book focuses on the transfer of political models and the limits to political hegemony. I have also written articles on French, Russian and Vietnamese political history and foreign policy.

My next long-term project concerns the French left and the colonial question from a historical perspective. Through this endeavor I hope to shed light on the way contemporary debates about race and immigration have been shaped in France. I am also working on Soviet ethnic policies from Stalin to Gorbachev with Marlène Laruelle and Sarah Fainberg. My contribution deals with the mass deportation of ethnic groups and the politics of return.


I am interested in Russian intellectual history, more particularly the fate of liberal Russian émigrés in France and in Asia in the 1920s and 1930s. My translation of five essays of the Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev was published in 2009.


Céline Marangé, Le communisme vietnamien, 1919-1991. Construction d’un État-nation entre Moscou et Pékin, Paris, Presses de Sciences Po, 2012, 612 p. Back Cover - Lien en français

Nicolas Berdiaev, Pour un christianisme de création et de liberté, Paris, Éditions du Cerf, collection Patrimoine, 2009, 140 p. (selection and translation of five Russian essays on religious freedom and human creativity, with an introduction).

Articles and book chapters:

“La politique coloniale du parti communiste français : Le rôle du Komintern et de Ho Chi Minh, 1920-1926”, in Stéphane Courtois (ed.), Communisme 2013, Paris, Éditions Vendémiaire, 2013 (special issue: Indochinese Communism, edited by Christopher Goscha).

“Une réinterprétation des origines de la dispute sino-soviétique d’après des témoignages de diplomates russes”, Relations Internationales, vol. 148, 2011, n°4, Winter 2011, pp. 17-32 (special issue: Soviet foreign policy). Link

“Genf, 1954: Zwischen Ideologie und Realpolitik. Die Rolle des sozialistischen Lagers auf der Genfer Indochina-Friedenskonferenz”, in Andreas Hilger (ed.), Die Sowjetunion und die Dritte Welt. USSR, Staatssozialismus und Antikolonialismus im Kalten Krieg, 1945–1991, Munich, Oldenburg Verlag, 2009, pp. 39-66, in German. Link

“Coexistence pacifique et décolonisation: Au commencement d’un dilemme. La question indochinoise dans la politique étrangère soviétique de la mort de Staline à la chute de Dien Bien Phu (mars 1953-mai 1954) ”, Revue d’Histoire Diplomatique, vol. 123, n°1, 2009, pp. 37-54.

“Alliance ou interdépendance inégale ? Les relations politiques de l’Union Soviétique avec le Vietnam de 1975 à 1991”, Outre Mers : Revue d’histoire, vol. 95, n°354-355, 2007, pp. 147-171 (special issue: The Soviet Union and the Third World, edited by Marie-Pierre Rey).

“Les faux-semblants de la réforme du droit pénal vietnamien (1985-2005)”, Critique Internationale, n°33, 2006, pp. 79-108. Link


Leonid Livak, Russian Émigrés in the Intellectual and Literary Life of Interwar France: A Bibliographical Essay (Mac Gill University Press, 2010), in Canadian Slavonic Papers, vol. 53, 2011, forthcoming.

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