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French Placement Test

To access FRENCH PLACEMENT TEST ON-LINE enter password: roaree1.

The placement test is designed for placement in the first four semesters of French at Columbia University (first-year Elementary French courses are 1101-1102, and second year Intermediate French courses are 1201-1202). The first few questions are used as “checks” to determine the approximate performance level of the student. The computer presents items of increasing difficulty until an item is missed.  The test will then adjust itself to your level, and drop back to an easier item.  When you answer correctly, F-CAPE (French Computerized Adaptive Placement Exam) will give you an item that is as difficult or more difficult.  When you answer incorrectly several times with the same difficulty index, the exam will terminate and assign you a score.

Placement Scores:                          

0-279Elementary French I, 1101           
280-379   Elementary French II, 1102
380-449     Intermediate French I, 1201
450-624     Intermediate French II, 1202

The French placement test may be taken only once. If you achieve a score of 625 or above, you should speak with Professor Pascale Hubert-Leibler to be considered for exemption from the Columbia College foreign-language requirement.

Language Requirement

Students with no previous knowledge of French can fulfill the language requirement by taking the four-semester sequence of introductory and intermediate courses, FREN W1101, FREN W1102, W1201, and W1202 at Columbia. 

Although Columbia students may take elementary courses (BC1001, BC1102 and BC1002) as well as Intermediate French I (BC1203) at Barnard College, they must take the final course of the sequence, FREN W1202, at Columbia.


  • BC1204 (Intermediate French II) does not fulfill the Columbia College and GS language requirement.

Entering students who have studied French previously are placed, or exempted, on the basis of their College Board Achievement or Advanced Placement scores, or their scores on the placement test administered by the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, 403 Lerner, at the beginning of every fall semester or at any other time during the academic year at the French Department. An SAT score of 780 or a score of 4 on the AP exam satisfy the language requirement

 Professor Hubert-Leibler, Language Director, 212-854-4819

For general information regarding the French Placement Test, please call the French Department at 212-854-2500.

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