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Current Graduate Student Profiles

The Department of French and Romance Philology has recruited students with a wide range of interests, as can be seen in the current graduate student profiles included below.

Profiles are arranged alphabetically by last name.

Celia Abele (
Interests: history of the European novel, 18th and 19th century; the modernist novel, especially Proust and Joyce; 18th century literature and intellectual history; encyclopedism and the organization of knowledge; the novel and knowledge; German reception of the Enlightenment in the 20th century.
Entering Class: 2013
Grad Student Life: FGSA Treasurer 2014-2015, Early Modern Salon rapporteur, 2016-
Previous Degrees: BA, Philosophy and English Literature, Trinity College, Dublin, 2010; Master 2, Littératures comparées, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), 2012; MA, French and Comparative Literature, Columbia, 2015; MPhil, French and Comparative Literature, Columbia, 2016.

Kalinka Alvarez (
Entering class: 2012

Elizabeth Albes (
Entering Class: 2015

Adham Azab (
Interests: Medieval and Renaissance French poetry; Romance philology; linguistics; the history of the French language; literary history
Entering Class: 2012
Previous Degrees: B.A. and M.A. from Tufts University

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Gabriela Badea (
Interests: Medieval French Allegory.
Entering Class: 2010
Previous Degrees: M.A. in Medieval Literature (CESCM, Poitiers), B.A in Foreign Languages (University of Bucharest).

Katherine Balkoski (
Entering class: 2012

Raphaelle Burns (
Interests: French Renaissance and its reception; law and literature; history of law; early modern intellectual history; theories of language and practices of translation
Entering class: 2014
Previous Degrees: MRes in Law (Birkbeck, University of London 2009); BA in Archaeology and Anthropology (University of Cambridge, 2007)

William Burton (
Interests: J.-J. Rousseau; M. Wittig; the Enlightenment; 20th-century experimental prose writing; Quebec studies; translation studies
Entering Class: 2013
Grad Student Life: FGSA 2014-2015
Previous Degrees: MA French and Romance Philology (Columbia University, 2015); MA Etudes anglaises (U. de Montréal 2014), BA Lettres et traduction françaises (McGill, 2010)

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Noni Carter (
Interests: 20th and 21st Century French Caribbean literature; gender studies; slavery in the Americas; (cultural) memory; Black Diaspora Studies; politics of violence and the body; colonialism and postcolonialism
Entering Class: 2014
Grad Student Life: FGSA (current)
Previous Degrees: B.A. in History and Literature (Postcolonial Studies) and African American Studies (Harvard University)

Caio Moraes Ferreira (
Interests: 18th and 19th French historiography, early modern moral philosophy, Voltaire, Montaigne, aesthetics, hermeneutics, philosophy of history. 
Entering Class: 2014
Student life: FGSA representative (current)
Previous degrees: B.A. in History by the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro; Masters in History by the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro; M.A. in History and Literature by Columbia University

Rose Gardner (
Interests: 16th and 17th century French literature
Entering class: 2012
Previous Degrees: Master I Sorbonne (Paris IV)

David Isaac Haziza (
Entering Class: 2014
Interests: 16th, 19th and 20th French literature, Jewish thought, political theology.
Previous degrees: Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris; M.A. in Philosophy at La Sorbonne; M.A in French Literature at Columbia.

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Diana King (
Interests: Comparative aesthetics (East/West), China in the French imagination, Chinese exile and diaspora literature in a Francophone context.
Entering Class: 2008
Grad Student Life: ICLS Graduate Student Committee (2008-2009).
Previous Degrees: M.A. in French Cultural Studies (Columbia), B.A. in English (Swarthmore College).

Sarah Lazur (
Interests: 20th century and contemporary literature in France and Latin America, intellectual history, modernism and the international left, cosmopolitanism.
Grad Student Life: FGSA president (2009-2010), FGSA activities coordinator (2008-2009), FGSA conference co-organizer (2009).
Entering Class: 2007
Previous Degrees: M.A. in French (Columbia), M.A. in French Cultural Studies (Columbia), B.A. in Comparative Literature (UCLA).

Tommaso Manfredini (
Entering Class: 2012

Elizabeth Marcus (
Interests: Middle Eastern and North African Francophone and Arabic literature; Mediterranean Studies; 19th and 20th century French and francophone literature; French colonialism and imperial history; Translation
Entering Class: 2008
Grad Student Life: Co-coordinator of Modern Salon (2011-2012); FGSA Financial Director (2010-2011); FGSA Conference Coordinator (2011)
Previous Degrees: M.Phil. 2012, French and Comparative Literature, Columbia University. M.A., 2010, French and Romance Philology, Columbia University. B.A., 2008, Joint Honors in Modern History and French, University of Oxford.

Anaïs Maurer (
Interests: 20th and 21st century Postcolonial and Francophone Literature, Pacific Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Ecocriticism, Marxist Theory, Gender Studies, Digital Humanities.
Entering Class: 2012
Grad Student Life: FGSA president (2013-2014), GSAC co-representative (2013-2014).
Previous Degrees: Master 2 in Comparative Literature (Paris IV and Tulane University), Licence in Comparative Literature (Paris IV), Baccalauréat Scientifique.

Max McGuinness (
Interests: 18th,19th and 20th-century French literature; journalism's influence on literature; literary biography
Entering Class: 2010
Previous Degrees: MPhil in French (Columbia) 2013; MA in French (Columbia) 2012; BA in Philosophy and French (Oxon.) 2009

Sophia Mo (
Interests: Francophone Caribbean and North African literature, history, politics, and philosophy; 20th century French and Francophone poetry; postcolonialism; gender theory; diaspora studies
Entering class: 2016
Previous Degrees: B.A. in French and International Economic Relations (Wellesley College, 2014)

Sarah Myers (
Entering class: 2011

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Inés Nam (
Entering class: 2012

Anna Blase Provitola (
Interests: contemporary French and francophone LGBT literature and theory; contemporary literature and film of North Africa and its diasporas in France; literature of the Algerian Revolution; queer theory between France and the US; the intersections of feminist, queer and anticolonial struggles; bande dessinee
Entering Class: 2012
Grad Student Life: French Graduate Student Association Conference Co-Organizer (Spring 2015); Romanic Review Subscriptions Manager (2012-2015); Modern Salon Co-Organizer (2012-2013)
Previous Degrees: M.Phil in French and Comparative Literature (Columbia University, 2015), M.A. in French (Columbia University, 2014), B.A. in Comparative Literature (Haverford College, 2011)

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Katherine Raichlen (
Entering class: 2015

Aline Rogg (
Interests: Literature and history of Louisiana and the Caribbean; performance studies; gender and sexuality; colonialism and postcolonialism; print culture.
Entering Class: 2014
Grad Student Life: FGSA (2015-2016)
Previous Degrees: Master en littérature française (Université de Lausanne, 2012); Bachelor en langue et littérature françaises et littérature comparée (Université de Genève, 2009)

Yohann Ripert (
Interests: Postcolonialism, Francophone Literature and Philosophy, Enlightenment, Aesthetics, Music and Literature.
Entering Class: 2010
Grad Student Life: FGSA Treasurer (2011-2013)
Previous Degrees: M.Phil, Columbia (2013); M.A, Columbia (2011); B.M. in Piano Performance, Julliard (2010); DEUG Mathématiques, Paris- Sorbonne VI, (2005)

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Matthew Trumbo-Tual (
Interests: Sociology and literature, sociolinguistics, 19th and 20th century literature.
Entering Class: 2010
Graduate Student Life: 2013-2014 FGSA Vice President, 2012-2014 Modern Salon organizing committee
Previous Degrees: B.A. Political and social thought; Comparative Literature (UVA).

Emily Ming Yao (
Entering class: 2010

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