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Current Graduate Student Profiles

The Department of French and Romance Philology has recruited students with a wide range of interests, as can be seen in the current graduate student profiles included below.

Profiles are arranged alphabetically by last name.

Celia Abele (
Interests: History of the European novel; realism and representation in the novel; the modernist novel, especially Proust and Joyce; eighteenth century literature and intellectual history; early modern encyclopedism and the organization of knowledge
Entering Class: 2013
Grad Student Life: FGSA Treasurer 2014-2015
Previous Degrees: BA in Philosophy and English Literature, Trinity College, Dublin, 2010; Master (1&2) in Littératures comparées, Université Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV), 2012.

Kalinka Alvarez (
Entering class: 2012

Elizabeth Albes (
Entering Class: 2015

Laure Astourian (
Interests: French film; the Nouvelle Vague; 20th century French literature; postwar cultural history; intersections of documentary and fiction in literature and film.
Entering Class: 2009
Grad Student Life: FGSA 2010-2011
Previous Degrees: MPhil in French (Columbia University, 2013); MA in French (Columbia University, 2011); BA in French and Film Studies (UC Berkeley, 2008).

Adham Azab (
Interests: Medieval and Renaissance French poetry; Romance philology; linguistics; the history of the French language; literary history
Entering Class: 2012
Previous Degrees: B.A. and M.A. from Tufts University

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Gabriela Badea (
Interests: Medieval French Allegory.
Entering Class: 2010
Previous Degrees: M.A. in Medieval Literature (CESCM, Poitiers), B.A in Foreign Languages (University of Bucharest).

Katherine Balkoski (
Entering class: 2012

Raphaelle Burns (
Interests: French Renaissance and its reception; law and literature; history of law; early modern intellectual history; theories of language and practices of translation
Entering class: 2014
Previous Degrees: MRes in Law (Birkbeck, University of London 2009); BA in Archaeology and Anthropology (University of Cambridge, 2007)

William Burton (
Interests: J.-J. Rousseau; M. Wittig; the Enlightenment; 20th-century experimental prose writing; Quebec studies; translation studies
Entering Class: 2013
Grad Student Life: FGSA 2014-2015
Previous Degrees: MA French and Romance Philology (Columbia University, 2015); MA Etudes anglaises (U. de Montréal 2014), BA Lettres et traduction françaises (McGill, 2010)

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Noni Carter (
Interests: 20th and 21st Century French Caribbean literature; gender studies; slavery in the Americas; (cultural) memory; Black Diaspora Studies; politics of violence and the body; colonialism and postcolonialism
Entering Class: 2014
Grad Student Life: FGSA (current)
Previous Degrees: B.A. in History and Literature (Postcolonial Studies) and African American Studies (Harvard University)

Caio Moraes Ferreira (
Interests: 18th and 19th French historiography, early modern moral philosophy, Voltaire, Montaigne, aesthetics, hermeneutics, philosophy of history. 
Entering Class: 2014
Student life: FGSA representative (current)
Previous degrees: B.A. in History by the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro; Masters in History by the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro; M.A. in History and Literature by Columbia University

Rose Gardner (
Interests: 16th and 17th century French literature
Entering class: 2012
Previous Degrees: Master I Sorbonne (Paris IV)

David Isaac Haziza (
Entering Class: 2014

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Diana King (
Interests: Comparative aesthetics (East/West), China in the French imagination, Chinese exile and diaspora literature in a Francophone context.
Entering Class: 2008
Grad Student Life: ICLS Graduate Student Committee (2008-2009).
Previous Degrees: M.A. in French Cultural Studies (Columbia), B.A. in English (Swarthmore College).

Mara Lasky (
Interests: Mediterranean/Mediterranean diaspora studies; women writers of the Mediterranean; port cities; gender and sexuality studies; cosmpolitanism
Entering class: 2012
Grad Student Life: French Graduate Students Association (2013-2014)
Previous Degrees: B.A. in French and Francophone Studies (UCLA)

Sarah Lazur (
Interests: 20th century and contemporary literature in France and Latin America, intellectual history, modernism and the international left, cosmopolitanism.
Grad Student Life: FGSA president (2009-2010), FGSA activities coordinator (2008-2009), FGSA conference co-organizer (2009).
Entering Class: 2007
Previous Degrees: M.A. in French (Columbia), M.A. in French Cultural Studies (Columbia), B.A. in Comparative Literature (UCLA).

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David Macklovitch (
Dissertation Topic: "Theorizing the Pleasure of Reading in Eighteenth Century France", focuses on theoretical writings of the first half of the Eighteenth Century, in which reading for pleasure is conceived as an autonomous notion.
Entering Class: 2002
Grad Student Life: Modern Salon organizer (2005-2006).
Previous Degrees: French Literature (McGill University), B.A. in French Literature (McGill University).

Tommaso Manfredini (
Interests: Music, poetry, and the writing of the oral
Entering Class: 2012
Previous Degrees: Laurea Triennale in Lingue e Letterature Stranierem Universita Ca' Foscarim Venezia (2008); Masters 2 Recherche en Lettres, Arts et Pensée Contemporaine, Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 (2010).

Elizabeth Marcus (
Interests: Middle Eastern and North African Francophone and Arabic literature; Mediterranean Studies; 19th and 20th century French and francophone literature; French colonialism and imperial history; Translation
Entering Class: 2008
Grad Student Life: Co-coordinator of Modern Salon (2011-2012); FGSA Financial Director (2010-2011); FGSA Conference Coordinator (2011)
Previous Degrees: M.Phil. 2012, French and Comparative Literature, Columbia University. M.A., 2010, French and Romance Philology, Columbia University. B.A., 2008, Joint Honors in Modern History and French, University of Oxford.

Anaïs Maurer (
Interests: Politics and literature in the French Overseas Departments and Territories
Entering Class: 2012
Grad Student Life: FGSA president (2013-2014), GSAC co-representative (2013-2014).
Previous Degrees: Master 2 in Comparative Literature (Paris IV and Tulane University), Licence in Comparative Literature (Paris IV), Baccalauréat Scientifique.

Max McGuinness (
Interests: 19th and early 20th-century French literature; journalism's influence on literature; moral philosophy
Entering Class: 2010
Previous Degrees: MPhil in French (Columbia) 2013; MA in French (Columbia) 2012; BA in Philosophy and French (Oxon.) 2009

Sarah Myers (
Entering class: 2011

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Inés Nam (
Entering class: 2012

Anna Provitola (
Interests: 20th and 21st century literature and film of North Africa and its diasporas in France; literature of the Algerian Revolution; queer theory between France and the US; the intersections of feminist, queer and anticolonial struggles; bande dessinee
Entering Class: 2012
Grad Student Life: Modern Salon Co-Organizer (2012-2013), Romanic Review Subscriptions Manager (2012-2015); French Graduate Student Association Conference Co-Organizer (Spring 2015)
Previous Degrees: B.A. (Haverford College)

Helene Quiniou (
Interests: Representations of the foreign in translation theories and practices; Orientalism and World Literatures; 19th Century German philology and the radical Englightenment tradition; Saussure and Benveniste; Frenc Philosophy of the 1960s
Entering Class: 2014
Grad Student Life: FGSA (current)
Previous Degrees: M.A. in Comparative Literature (Universite Paris 8, 2014); M.A. in Philosophy (Université Paris 1-Sorbonne 2002).

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Katherine Raichlen (
Entering class: 2015

Aline Rogg (
Interests: 19th Century Literature of Louisiana and the Caribbean; gender and sexuality; colonialism and postcolonialism; print culture; literature and medicine
Entering Class: 2014
Grad Student Life: FGSA (current)
Previous Degrees: Master en littérature française (Universite de Lausanne, 2012); Bachelor en langue et littérature françaises et littérature comparée (Université de Genève, 2009)

Yohann Ripert (
Interests: Postcolonialism, Francophone Literature and Philosophy, Enlightenment, Aesthetics, Music and Literature.
Entering Class: 2010
Grad Student Life: FGSA Treasurer (2011-2013)
Previous Degrees: M.Phil, Columbia (2013); M.A, Columbia (2011); B.M. in Piano Performance, Julliard (2010); DEUG Mathématiques, Paris- Sorbonne VI, (2005)

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Matthew Trumbo-Tual (
Interests: Sociology and literature, sociolinguistics, 19th and 20th century literature.
Entering Class: 2010
Graduate Student Life: 2013-2014 FGSA Vice President, 2012-2014 Modern Salon organizing committee
Previous Degrees: B.A. Political and social thought; Comparative Literature (UVA).

Paul Wimmer (
Interests: The intersection of epistolary rhetoric and fiction, especially in the 16th century.
Entering Class: 2007
Grad Student Life: FGSA Vice-president (2010), Modern Salon co-organizer (2008-2009), FGSA Conference co-organizer (2009)
Previous Degrees: M.A. in French (Columbia), B.A. in French and English literature (Rutgers).

Emily Ming Yao (
Entering class: 2010

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