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Recent Placements

The Department has an extraordinary placement record, which reflects the amount of support that students receive throughout their career. We offer workshops on applying for fellowships, writing a job letter, putting together a CV, and constituting a dossier. The department also organizes mock job interviews and job talks. A member of the faculty serves as placement officer to coordinate the departmental efforts every year.


Alexandra Perisic: Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Miami
Dissertation title: Contesting Globalization: Ethics, Politics and Aesthetics in the Atlantic World Economy

Erin Twohig: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Georgetown University
Dissertation title: The Contentious Classroom: Education in Postcolonial Literature from Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia


Rod Cooke: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Florida Atlantic University
Dissertation title: Aesthetics and Politics in the Dreyfus Affair

Ana Oancea: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Ohio Wesleyan University
Dissertation title: The Fate of Invention in Late 19th-Century Literature


Annelle Curulla: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Williams College
Dissertation title: Forms of Enclosure: The Convent Plays of the French Revolution

Jason Earle: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Sarah Lawrence College
Dissertation title: Conspiracies and Secret Societies in Interwar French Literature

Mehammed Mack: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Smith College
Dissertation title: Immigration and Sexual Citizenship: Gender, Sexuality, and Ethnicity in Contemporary France

Toby Wikström: Assistant Professor (tenure track), Tulane University
Dissertation title: Law, Conquest and Slavery on the French Stage, 1598 – 1685.


Annie Dutoit: Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Dissertation title: Poetic Propaganda: Aesthetics and Politics in Céline’s ‘Bagatelles pour un massacre’

Olivia Harrison: Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
Dissertation title: Cross-Cultural Poetics: Reading Palestine in Maghrebi Literature


Nayana Abeysinghe: Visiting Assistant Professor, Tulane University
Dissertation title: Intergenerational Memory in the Work of Francophone Caribbean Women Writers

Toby Wikstrom: Visiting Assistant Professor, Tulane University
Dissertation title: Law, Conquest and Slavery on the French Stage 1598-1685


Max Kramer: Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan
Dissertation title: The Poetry of Inversion: Queer Metaphor in Arthur Rimbaud,
Stefan George and Frederico Garcia Lorca


Daniel Leonard: Assistant Professor Bilkent University
Dissertation title: Feigned World: Fable and Tableau in Descartes’ Philosophy and Physics

Andrea Thomas: Assistant Professor, Loyola University, Baltimore
Dissertation title: Lautréamont and the Poetics of Posterity


Thomas Parker: Postdoctoral Fellow, Vassar College
Dissertation title: Rhetoric, Volition, and Emotions in the Work of Pascal


Zeina Hakim: Assistant Professor, Tufts University
Dissertation title: “Faire vrai”: Mémoires et Roman de Courtilz de Sandras à Marivaux (1687-1738)

Alison James: Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
Dissertation title: “Le hasard fait aussi partie de la règle”: Chance, Constraints and Narrative in the Works of George Perec

Priya Wadhera: Assistant Professor, Adelphi University
Dissertation title: Copy Play: The Discourse on Art in George Perec’s “Un Cabinet d’amateurs” and its intertexts


Goran Blix: Associate Professor (tenured), Princeton University
Dissertation title: French Romanticism: Pompeii, Archeology, and the Reconstructive Gaze

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