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Romanic Review 102.1-2 – Jan. - Mar. 2011

Lucas Wood. The Werewolf as Möbius Strip, or Becoming Bisclavret.

Pilar Lorenzo Gradin. Orden y desorden en el cancioneiro gallego-portugués B. Las claves del texto y del libro.

Joanna Luft. The Play of Repetition and Resemblance in The Romance of the Rose.

Jerry Root. Marvelous Crystals, Perilous Mirrors: Le Roman De La Rose and the Discontinuity of the Romance Subject.

Joshua Armstrong. The Glorified Woman: Abstraction and Domination in Le Livre du voir dit.

David Georgi. Reading the Signs in Villon: Puns, Proper Names, and Implied
Language Theory in the Lais.

Julia Prest. Elmire and the Erotics of the Ménage à Trois in Molière’s Tartuffe.

Juliette Cherbuliez. On Letting Sleeping Blonds Lie: Gender, Leisure Literature, and the Imagination in Fontenelle.

John Lytle. The Historian's Dilemma: The Quest for Master Narrative in Prosper Mérimée's La Vénus d’Ille.

Briana Lewis. The Making of a Condamné: State Power and the Ritual of Trial in Le Dernier Jour d’un condamné and Claude Gueux.

Ronan Y. Chalmin. Orgasme : Pour une érotique de l’or dans Facino Cane de Balzac.

Brian Martin. Military Fraternity and Friendship: Napoleonic Soldiers and the
Memoirs of Sergeant Bourgogne.

Jennifer Gipson. Literature and the Death of Folklore: In and Around Nerval’s

Catherine Witt. Genius and Decrepitude: Baudelaire Reads Chateaubriand.



Catherine E. Léglu. Multilingualism and Mother Tongue in Medieval French,
Occitan, and Catalan Narratives. (Simone Ventura).

François Rouget. Ronsard et le livre 1: Étude de critique génétique et d’histoire
littéraire. François Rigolot, ed., Clément Marot: Recueil inédit offert au connétable de Montmorency en mars 1538 (Tom Conley)

Lynn Forest-Hill. Transgressive Language in Medieval English Drama, Signs of Challenge and Change. (Estelle Doudet)

Mireille Huchon. Rabelais. (Myriam Marrache-Gouraud)

Bérénice Bonhomme. Claude Simon, la passion cinema. (Ari J. Blatt)


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