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Romanic Review 103.1-2 – Jan. - Mar. 2012

Karen Lurkur. Policing the Boundaries of Masculinity in La Fille du Comte de Pontieu

Nora Marin Peterson. The Choreography of Courtly Life: Competing Codes in the Princesse de Clèves

AndrewPigott.Of Nightmares and Whale Oil: Rabelais’s Quart Livre and the Lure of Disenchantment.

Jeffrey Moon. Une peinture morale: Intertextuality in Clouzot’s Les Diaboliques

Neil Kenny. Disinterring and Reinterring the Dead: Tense-Aspect in Du Vair, Pasquier, and French Grammars (1558-1607)

Cluster: Examining the Heretical Thought: Rethinking Pre-Modern Heresy in Latin American and Iberian Cultures. (Eds. Jesus Rodriguez Velasco and José Rabasa)

Jesus Rodriguez Velasco and José Rabasa. Introduction

Solange Alberro. A Heretic in New Spain: Alberto Enríquez, alias Brother Manuel de Quadros

Enrique Gavilán. The Gnostic Imprint on Parsifal, an Illumination of Ruins

Carlos Heusch. Juan Ruiz and the Heterodox Naturalism of Spain

Michael J. Horswell. Negotiating Apostasy in Vilcabamba: Titu Cusi Yupanqui Writes from the Chaupi

Alfonso Mendiola. Conflict or Union in Difference: Institution, Belief, and Heresy

A. More. Thinking with the Inquisition: Heretical Science and Popular Knowledge in Seventeenth-Century Mexico

Irene Silverblatt. Heresies and Colonial Geopolitics

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