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Romanic Review volume 36 (1945)

Newstead, Helaine. (1945). Perceval's Father and Welsh Tradition. Romanic Review, 36, 3-31.

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Lang, Paul Henry. (1945). On Beethoven in France A Comment. Romanic Review, 36, 78-80.

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Torrey, Norman L. (1945). Henri Peyre, Writers and Their Critics: A Study of Misunderstanding (Book Review). Romanic Review, 36, 152-161.

Bond, Donald F. and Joseph M. Carriere. (1945). Anglo-French and Franco-American Studies: A Current Bibliography. Romanic Review, 36, 161-190.

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Pei, Mario A. (1945). Reflections on the Origin of the Romance Languages. Romanic Review, 36, 235-239.

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Misrahi, Jean. (1945). Andrew J. Creighton, editor, Anticlaudien, a thirteenth-century French adaptation of the Anticlaudianus of Alain de Lille by Ellebaut (Book Review). Romanic Review, 36, 244-245.

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Austin, H. D. (1945). Dante Notes: Notes on Vetro in Dante's Works Dante's Use of Poggio Dante's Knowledge of Citrus Fruits. Romanic Review, 36, 257-265.

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Frank, Grace. (1945). Pierre Bise Semantics and Poetics. A Reply. Romanic Review, 36, 272-274.

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Pei, Mario A. (1945). Alfred A. Hoare, A Short Italian Dictionary (Book Review). Romanic Review, 36, 337-337.

Bibliography by Andrew Branch & Jonathan Eskew

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