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Romanic Review volume 84 (1993)

Greene, Thomas H. (1993). Regrets Only: Three Poetic Paradigms in Du Bellay. Romanic Review, 84, 1-18.

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Lathers, Marie. (1993). L'Eve future and the Hypnotic Feminine. Romanic Review, 84, 43-54.

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Chaitin, Gilbert D. (1993). The Birth of the Subject in Camus' L'Etranger. Romanic Review, 84, 163-180.

Platten, David P. (1993). The Geist in the Machine: Nazism in Michel Tournier's Le Roi des aulnes. Romanic Review, 84, 181-194.

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Wallace, Nathaniel. (1993). The Subject of Repetition/Repetition of the Subject: De la ressemblance des enfans aux peres. Romanic Review, 84, 241-254.

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May, Gita. (1993). Peter Allan, Alan Dainard, Marie-Thérèse Inguenaud, Jean Orsoni, and David Smith, eds., Correspondance générale d'Helvétius, volume III: 1761-1774 (Book Review). Romanic Review, 84, 339-339.

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Senior, Matthew. (1993). Quand Même je dormirais: Philosophy and Secondary Revision in Descrates. Romanic Review, 84, 405-422.

Legouis, Catherine. (1993). Optics and Rhetoric: Images of Light in Zola. Romanic Review, 84, 423-436.

Gilbert, Inger. (1993). The Quotidian Sublime: From Language to Imagination in Beckett's Three Novels and Happy Days. Romanic Review, 84, 437-462.

Boyer, Agustín. (1993). Geography as a Linking Device in the Poema de Mio Cid. Romanic Review, 84, 463-474.

Burton, Grace M. (1993). Justice in Peribáñez: The Creation of a New Order in Language. Romanic Review, 84, 475-475.

Bibliography by Andrew Branch & Jonathan Eskew

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