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Romanic Review volume 104 (2013)

García, Santiago Gutiérrez. (2013). Hacia una teoría de la sátira gallegoportuguesa y su posible duplicidad genérica. Romanic Review, 104(1-2), 3-21.

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Call, Michael. (2013). Alceste at the Print Shop: Le Misanthrope’s Response to Molière’s 1666 Œuvres. Romanic Review, 104(1-2), 65-82.

St. Clair, Robert. (2013). Laughing Matter(s): Politics and Poetics of the (Utopian Body) in Rimbaud’s Les Effarés. Romanic Review, 104(1-2), 83-104.

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Hochman, Hugh. (2013). Madeline Pampel. Francis Ponge et Eugène de Kermadec, histoire d'un compagnonnage. (BOOK REVIEW). Romanic Review, 104(1-2), 177-179.

Bibliography by Anna Provitola

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