About: Gay, Bisexual & Lesbian Faculty, Staff & Supporters at Columbia University

Note: GABLES is not currently active as an organization. The mailing list is still active, however, for use by members of the Columbia community

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GABLES-CU was formed in 1993 is an informal group of faculty and staff seeking to improve the life of the University by making it as hospitable as possible to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people.  More on the origin and history of GABLES-CU.

Past committees have included a domestic partnership and benefits committee, an AIDS/HIV support task force, and a task force to address homophobia and heterosexism.  GABLES-CU participates in AIDS WALK NEW YORK in May of each year and in the Heritage of Pride March each June.  Among the many groups to which GABLES-CU members currently contribute is the "Next Generation" mentoring project of the Columbia Gay Health Advocacy Project.

    GABLES Mailing List

The GABLES Mailing List is maintained for Columbia LGBT faculty, staff, students and supporters to distribute notices of events or other information of possible interest to the community.  It should not be used for commercial purposes.  

Those wishing to send email to the GABLES list should use the following address:

Requests to be added to or removed from the GABLES email distribution list may be sent to:

Please send requests to be added from your Columbia email account.

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