Achieving Domestic Partner Benefits
At Columbia University, 1992-1995

September 1995: Domestic Partner Benefits for Faculty, Officers and Non-Union Support Staff [Overview]
  Compiled by Michael Susi GABLES-CU Domestic Partnership Task Force (1993-96)
August 1995: Extension of Fringe Benefits to Same-Sex Domestic Partners
  [Memo] TO: All Faculty and Staff FROM: Colleen Crooker DATE: August 7, 1995
July 1995:  "Same Sex Benefits Have Been Expanded"
  Columbia University Record -- September 8, 1995 -- Vol. 21, No. 1
November 1993:

"University Adds Medical Coverage for Domestic Partners"

  From: Columbia Benefits Update for Officers,Office of Personnel Management & Human Resources, November/December, 1993 (v.1:no.7), p.1-2.
October 1993:

Background Material on Columbia University's Extension of Domestic Partner Health Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

  Prepared by: Stephen Davis, Co-convener (1993-5), Gay/Bisexual/Lesbian Faculty, Staff & Supporters at Columbia University

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