Starting April 10, 2009, GeoSA was holding the association’s first official Elections for the membership of the Executive Board. We have following candidates to run for the four positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Executive Secretary.



Ideally, the officers shall serve one-year term beginning coming fall semester 2009 and terminating the following spring, 2010. Continuing students may be re-elected for an additional term(s).


Officers shall be responsible for the effective and efficient management of all meetings, events, and functions by GeoSA (see position descriptions below).


Please send your CV and a motivation letter, briefly describing your skills and qualifications and how you would contribute to GeoSA to Katty Metreveli at


Applications are accepted by COB April 17. In the subsequent week, the acting Executive Board will review all candidates and present them to GeoSA for voting.


Responsibilities of the Executive Board members include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. BulletPresident

  2. BulletResponsible for the vision of GeoSA's annual policy and strategic planning; fulfills formal, official, and legal functions at GeoSA

  3. BulletDevelops relations with Columbia leadership, IBG supervisors, and respective structures to ensure continuous support of GeoSA in Columbia

  4. BulletRepresents GeoSA within and outside Columbia University

  5. BulletDirects all general and Executive Board meetings.

  1. BulletVice-President

  2. BulletResponsible for all membership and outreach affairs

  3. BulletRegularly updates GeoSA website content

  4. BulletOrganizes and coordinates program events and functions

  5. BulletAssists the President in his/her duties and assumes the duties of President in case of his/her absence.

  1. BulletTreasurer

  2. BulletIn charge of accounts and manages organization’s funds

  3. BulletResponsible for budget planning and spending transparency

  4. BulletCoordinates fundraising activities and applications for university/other grant projects.

  1. BulletExecutive Secretary

  2. BulletKeeps Executive Board Meeting minutes

  3. BulletResponsible for communication among the Executive Board, GeoSA members and other parties involved.

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My name is Valeri Sikhuashvili, rising sophomore at Columbia University, and I intend to major in History and Political Science. If called upon to assume the duties of the president of our association, I will express my grateful thanks towards other members, and declare with sincere apprehension that the undertaking is above my limited experience and I desire this position with great understanding of my limits as a person and a leader. I hope that my love for Georgian culture will serve as a resource of guidance, of passion, and of enthusiasm. I would like to reiterate that I am aware of my lack of experience, which is why my voice will not be an only account of what events we decide to do, but having been the president of the Student Body, and having had leadership trainings in Washington, D.C., I feel confident and hopeful about the possibilities in our association. Together, we will make sure that events about our beloved culture are both enjoyable and informative.


Nutsa Kobakhidze is a graduate student in International Educational Development at Teachers College, Columbia University. Nutsa wants to strengthen relations among Georgian students through regular meetings, events and roundtables, enrich the content of the existing web-site and transform it into the web-portal about Georgia, Georgian students at Columbia and some useful tips for future Georgian students here and finally to do her best to make study process a bit easier and fun. In case of support, Khinkali is guaranteed.


As a student of School of Social Work and a member of Georgian Student Association since last year Daji Dvalishvili has been actively participating in all events popularizing Georgian history and culture. Although she realizes that being the member of the Board means more challenges and responsibilities, she feels confident that she can contribute to the development of the association. Based on her experience in program management, Daji can be of great help in overseeing the Association’s proper event budgeting and expenditures. Financial stability is the guarantee of a successful and dynamic student organization. She appreciates your support and looks forward to working with all of you next year.


Nino Revishvili is enrolled in MA program for International Educational Development with concentration in International Educational Policy at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her decision to join the executive board of Georgian Student Association has both emotional and rational reasoning. As a Georgian Nino feels obliged to promote her culture and tradition. However, mere eagerness and enthusiasm does not help, if one does not have support from the whole community. Rational part of her reasoning is to facilitate strengthening of this community and help to maintain strong and functional organization, so that every member of GeoSA feels pride for representing Georgia at Columbia. In addition, she intends to expend scope of activities conducted by the GeoSA: inviting more interesting guest speakers and having more exposure to Georgian culture through engaging in different activities.