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Harro Müller

Professor Harro Müller (Ph.D. Cologne 1973; Habilitation Bielefeld 1979) has been teaching at Columbia University since 1991. He has held visiting professorships at Cornell University (1982), Emory University (1987), the University of Bordeaux (1988), and at Columbia (1991). He acted as Vice President of the Groupe de Recherche sur la Culture de Weimar at the Maison des Sciences de L'Homme, Paris (1991-2008). He was executive editor of The Germanic Review (1996-2002) and Chair of the Department (1996-1999).

Harro Müller has published ten books, including Theodor Storms Lyrik (1975), Geschichte zwischen Kairos und Katastrophe. Historische Romane im 20. Jahrhundert (1988), Giftpfeile. Zu Theorie und Literatur der Moderne (1994), Systemtheorie der Literatur (1996, co-editor with Jürgen Fohrmann), Authentizität. Diskussion eines ästhetischen Begriffs (2006, co-editor with Susanne Knaller) and Gegengifte. Essays zu Theorie und Literatur der Moderne (2009). He is author of numerous articles, on literary history from Schiller to Kluge, and on literary theory from hermeneutics and critical theory (Benjamin, Adorno) to deconstruction (Paul de Man, Derrida) and systems theory (Luhmann).

His areas of teaching and research include: history of modern literature and culture from 1750 to the present; theory of literature (hermeneutics, intellectual history, critical theory, poststructuralism, deconstruction, discourse theory, systems theory, history of literary criticism).

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