B:wq Columbia University Goju Karate Club

Demos and Seminars

Each year, we hold demonstrations and seminars on campus in order to bring Goju Karate to a wider range of audience. If you are interested in having us perform at an event, please contact us at goju@columbia.edu.


TBA Karate P.E. Class Demos
TBA Class Exchange with CU Ballroom Dance


April 2013 Martial Arts Expo - Perspectives on Diversity (watch us here)
March 2013 Columbia Japan Society Matsuri Performance
March 2013 America Reads Kids Seminar
February 2013 Asian Youth Program Kids Seminar
November 2012 Columbia Martial Arts Expo
November 2012 River Hall RA Self-Defense Seminar
November 2012 Hillel Body Awareness and Body Images Self Defense Seminar