Lerner Hall

GSAC-recognized groups may reserve space in Lerner Hall without charge. Groups are subject to additional fees, however, that may include A/V equipment, public safety, additional furniture, etc. Please use the name and contact information of the GSAC Vice Chair for the advisor information on the form. all Space requests must be submitted through the online request system at https://ems.cuit.columbia.edu. Your group needs to have a proper group email (i.e. something that ends in @columbia.edu). You can email your updated group email address to emsaccounts@columbia.edu.

Deutches Haus

Fees may apply, contact the Director. Details may be found here

Mudd Hall

Free for Engineering Events. For a list of spaces and information about reservation: Mudd Hall

Hammer Health Sciences Center

Free to Uptown Graduate Students. A list of all rooms available in Hammer: Hammer Health Sciences Center

To book a room:

1. Go to http://cumc.columbia.edu/it/cts/r25.html. Whoever books rooms must go through a half hour tutorial with Ed Basch(erb2128@mail.cumc.columbia.edu). The page says to contact 5help@columbia.edu, but Ed is the guy that deals with all bookings.

2. Once you have gone through a tutorial, you will be given a login ID for this webpage: http://r25web.cumc.columbia.edu:8080/wv3/wv3_servlet/urd/run/wv_event.WeekList?evdt=20110426,evfilter=3782,ebdviewmode=grid. This is also the page to do bookings.