The Center for Career Education (CCE) is located in the basement of East Campus, directly across from the entrance to Faculty House. The Center provides job counseling, sponsors career fairs and recruiting sessions, and runs workshops on resume-writing. Currently, the CCE does not offer much assistance to students who plan to pursue teaching careers. For academically-oriented professional development workshops, visit the Teaching Center’s website. Students seeking employment in industry may find the CCE’s services and job listings more helpful.

Dossier Service
The CCE maintains letters of recommendation for students and alumni. These letters are collected in a dossier, which is sent to any schools, colleges, and universities to which you apply for a teaching job. The CCE recommends opening a credentials file in the late summer or early autumn for the year preceding your availability for a position. To begin the process of on-line registration, click here. Please note that the service costs $30/year for students and $60/year for alumni.