GSAC's dual mission of advocacy and community-building is realized through our committees. This year's committees include:

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee helps set the agenda for GSAC, supervising the work of GSAC's committees and reviewing all applications for funding and group recognition. Its members serve on numerous university committees, including the Executive Committee of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Click here for a list of Steering Committee Members.

Arts & Entertainment Committee
The purpose of the Arts and Entertainment Committee is to facilitate graduate students in taking advantage of the rich cultural life of NYC by subsidizing tickets for a variety of events throughout the year! This committee is also dedicated to promoting artistic events organized by graduate students on or off campus. To find out about our events, learn about student discount tickets in the city, organize an event, let us know about your event, or get otherwise involved, please visit our website:

Looking forward to seeing you in one of our events! To join this committee, please contact the Arts & Entertainment Chair of the GSAC's Steering Committee.

Budget & Finance Committee
One of GSAC's primary roles is to decide how your $20 Student Activity Fee is spent. The Budget & Finance Committee works hard to ensure your student activity fee funds a diverse array of activities, such as:

Looking forward to seeing you in one of our events! To join this committee, please contact the Budget & Finance Chair of the GSAC's Steering Committee.

Quality of Life Committee
The Quality of Life Committee was formed to address a core group of graduate issues, that affect our ability to teach, do research, and complete our degrees. These include student-housing, healthcare, child care, finance, facilities, transportation, etc. In the spring of 2011, the committee conducted an extensive survey of GSAC's constituency, eliciting over 1,800 responses to questions about housing, stipends, and working conditions at Columbia. GSAC has been presenting these results to administrators around the campus to help them better understand our concerns and is currently working with them to tackle the main concerns raised in the survey. Past survey reports can be found here. In early 2013, a new survey will also be conducted. This semester, the Quality of Life Committee and the administrators will be refining the questions for the future survey so as to improve the feedback that is collected.  For this purpose, a number of small action groups, each tasked with a single issue, will regularly work with the administration to improve the services for the students.

To join this committee, please contact the Quality of Life Chair of the GSAC's Steering Committee.

Social Committee
GSAC's social committee is responsible for arranging the various social events, outings, and mixers throughout the school year. Our yearly events always vary; previous events include trivia, karaoke, and poker nights at local bars, boat cruises, hiking/skiing trips, bowling, and clubbing mixers. During the 2012-2013 school year, we will be continuing with our popular Thursday night socials (TEASE) to provide a place for the busy GSAS student to unwind and socialize. These socials are set to take place every few weeks throughout the academic year with GSAC providing drinks and refreshments.

For a complete schedule of this semester's social events, click here to see the GSAC calendar. We're always open to ideas for new events - and without volunteers, the Thursday socials can't happen - so please contact the Social Chair today to lend a helping hand and make your voice heard! More ideas make social awesome - more hands make social work!

Outreach & Publicity Committee
The focus of the Outreach & Publicity committee is to increase GSAC's visibility by providing it with technical expertise, developing content for a new website and assist in using social media. The committee also works towards fostering stronger bonds with other centers within Columbia that assist the students in exploring career options, increase their skill set and aid in their overall development. This includes interaction with the Alumni and the Career Services. It communicates the needs of graduate students to the Alumni Board and the Center for Career Services, including but not limited to: non-academic careers; industry-based sessions on science, media, and consulting; facilitating improved access for students to alumni database information.

To join this committee, please contact the Communication and Alumni Affairs/PR Chair of the GSAC's Steering Committee.

Organizing Committee for the Graduate Research Conference
The graduate research conference is an event being held to promote the rich research environment of Columbia University. To be conducted on an annual basis, this one-day event provides an opportunity for graduate students to develop and enhance their skills in research preparation and presentation. Students from all research disciplines offered by the GSAS at Columbia University will be encouraged to participate in this event.

This committee will be in charge of organising the event. Committee members will finalise the structure of the event, invite speakers, arrange for the infrastructure and finalise the workshops together with the Centre for Career Education (CCE). To join this committee, please contact the GSAC Steering Committee.