GSAC recognition entitles your group to many benefits including:

• Official use of the Columbia University name
• Listing on GSAC’s website
• Listing in Columbia’s Student Activities Directory
• A mailbox in Lerner Hall

Below is a brief overview of some of the other benefits associated with group recognition. Please note that sponsored groups must apply directly to GSAC to obtain privileges marked in red.

AcIS Accounts
GSAC recognition entitles your group to an AcIS account. Your organization will be assigned a distinct Columbia e-mail address and web space on the Columbia server. Groups may also request assistance creating and maintaining list-serves for their memberships. Contact CUIT for more information

Funding Opportunities
GSAC recognition enables your organization to apply for funding from a variety of sources, including:

Office of the University Chaplain Co-Sponsorship Fund
President’s and Provost’s Fund

Room Reservations
Group recognition enables your organization to reserve a variety of spaces on campus, including e-rooms (which are equipped with computers and projection equipment), spaces in Lerner Hall, classrooms, and 301 Philosophy Hall. Please note that sponsored groups must apply for space through GSAC; they cannot reserve space without approval from the appropriate member of the GSAC Steering Committee.

GSAC-recognized groups may reserve space in Lerner Hall without charge. Groups are subject to additional fees, however, that may include A/V equipment, public safety, additional furniture, etc. Please use the name and contact information of the GSAC Vice Chair for the advisor information on the form. Information and forms to fill out for a Lerner Hall space request are at: Lerner Hall Space Request