The Graduate Student Advisory Council (GSAC) represents most MA and PhD candidates in Columbia's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) and its affiliated doctoral programs. (The exception: GSAS's Master of Liberal Arts programs, which are represented by a separate entity.) One council member is elected from each major degree program within GSAS (including six interdisciplinary MA-only programs) as well as and the doctoral programs in the Schools of Architecture, Planning, & Preservation; Business; Engineering & Applied Science; Journalism; Public Health; Social Work; and the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Our monthly meetings are open to all our constituents—you're invited to attend!

Take a look at the list of programs and departments represented by GSAC. To find out who represents your department, check out the Rep List. For our current meeting schedule, view our Calendar.

Please download a copy of our constitution and bylaws.


GSAC is committed to improving the quality of life for Columbia’s graduate students. To that end, we meet regularly with administrators in such key offices as Career Education, Health Insurance, Libraries, Student Services, and University Apartment Housing, inviting them to our general council meetings to address student concerns. We conduct an annual survey to measure graduate student satisfaction with stipends, housing, teaching assignments, library facilities, and health care. Our most recent quality of life survey results are available online.

Additionally, our representatives serve on a variety of important university committees, including:

Funding for Student Initiatives
One of GSAC’s primary responsibilities is determining how your $16 student activity fee will be spent. We currently allocate $10,000 per semester to conferences, social events, publications, and professional programs organized by graduate students. Students do not need to belong to a university-recognized group to apply for funding. For funding guidelines, deadlines, and paperwork, check out Funding Opportunities.

Group Recognition for Graduate Student Organizations
GSAC offers graduate student groups the opportunity to apply for recognition. All GSAC-recognized organizations enjoy official university group status, and as such are entitled to the use of campus facilities and space, an e-mail account and website, and a mailbox. For a list of GSAC-recognized groups, or to apply for group recognition, view Group Recognition.

Special Events
A major portion of our budget funds social, educational, and cultural events, from wine tastings to performances at the Metropolitan Opera. We publicize our events in three ways: through our Calendar, through 109 Low (the GSAS online publication), our own e-mail newsletter and Twitter and Facebook. Have a suggestion for an event? E-mail us at