GSAC is comprised of representatives from each major degree program within GSAS as well as the PhD programs in the following schools: Architecture, Planning & Preservation; Business; Engineering & Applied Science; Journalism; Public Health; Social Work; and the College of Physicians & Surgeons. Scroll down for a current list of representatives and of departments in good standing.

Each department/program is responsible for holding elections in April; new representatives begin their term in the fall semester of the following academic year. Each department/program is entitled to one vote, though multiple students may share the responsibility of representing their department/program.

Responsibilities of GSAC representatives

By serving as your department's representative, you keep your department in good standing with GSAC. This allows you to vote on issues at GSAC meetings and to bring to GSAC funding applications that benefit grad students in your department.

Effective September 2007, all departments may use 301 Philosophy Hall to hold an annual meeting of their graduate students. GSAC will waive the space rental fee for this event. GSAC reps are encouraged to organize this meeting in a neutral space to allow fellow grads in their departments to socialize and voice concerns and suggestions in a collegial atmosphere. Please note that 301 Philosophy is closed until further notice for renovations.

Only one absence is allowed per semester for a department to remain in good standing. If you will miss a meeting, please send a proxy. All departments listed in the table below will regain good standing at the beginning of each semester. If your department is not listed below, you are not in good standing; please consider sending a representative to our next plenary!