Theodore Caplow Jr: Biographical Info

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I was born Dec. 14, 1969. I grew up outside of Charlottesville, VA, in the countryside. I attended high school at Groton School in Massachusettes, then moved down the road a bit to Harvard College, where I received a B.A. in Sociology in 1992. At Harvard, I was very active in the theater as an actor, director, and designer. My academics focused on third-world development issues, with a little physics and english thrown in. Since college, I have sailed across the Atlantic, founded a small experimental theater company, worked in the financial markets, and most recently, attended classes at Columbia's School of Engineering in preparation for doctoral study.

My primary interests are in the field of mechanical engineering and concern energy resources, distribution, and generation, with attention to environmental issues but with equal attention to lopsided patterns of consumption and production.

A brief and unordered list of things I would like to learn more about professionally: solar heating systems, living underground, wind power, small-scale geothermal power, ocean thermal exchange facilities, biomass conversion in the third world.

An even briefer and less-ordered list of my non-professional interests: scuba, horses, sailing, theater, dance, guitar, aikido.