The House That Private Enterprise Built

Produced by
Keller Easterling and Richard Prelinger

The Voyager Company 1992

Produced with the assistance of Robert Cartolano, Seth Strumph, Rebecca Carpenter, Ed Tachibana, Mark Boyer and Melanie Goldstein.
  • Introduction

    1. Federal Housing Administration (FHA)
    2. U.S. Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB)
    3. New Deal Regional Plannning and Greenbelt Towns
    4. War Time Publications
    5. Prefabrication
    6. Advertisements
    7. Residential Development 1930's-1960's
    8. Subdivision Design-FHA Technical Bulletins 5 and 7
    9. Racial Segregation
    10. Highways
    11. Cartoons

  • Chronology and quotes (currently not available)