A bhajan is a type of devotional song based on the ragas and talas of classical Indian music. Though bhajans have no fixed form, they are often sung in a leader-follower pattern and accompanied by musical instruments such as the harmonium and the tabla.

Our Bhajans

Our bhajans are held at 6-7p.m. on Fridays in the basement of St. Paul's cathedral on campus (the domed building just east of Low Library). Anyone--newcomer, novice, expert, musician, or just an observer--is welcome to come by. We have a very casual, laid-back atmosphere where anyone can sing or not sing. All we ask is that you remove your shoes!

Bhajans Workshop

A way for newcomers and experienced singers alike to become more familiar with the bhajans we sing, or to teach new bhajans, whether they be from our Bhajan Book or otherwise.

Held at 7pm after bhajans during weeks when Discussion Circles are not conducted.


If you have some idea of the bhajans you seek to find, search for them here. Enter an identifying phrase (short but long enough to be close to unique). All matches to the entire phrase will be returned (as if the input was in quotes).

Otherwise, a full PDF version of our bhajan book (published 2008) is available here.

examples: 'guru nanaka ji', 'devi bhavani ma', 'opening prayers', 'ganesh bhajans'