Start-of-Year Events

There are many ways to get to know more about HSO at the beginning of school each year. We're available at Columbia's Activities Fair on Low, the mixer Club Zamana holds for South Asian groups within the first two weeks of school, and our own Information Session (typically held on the second week of school). At any of these events, you can meet all our members, ask any questions, get to know more about us, and sign up for an interview (see below).

5-Minute Interview

If you're interested in joining, just email to sign up for an interview or sign up in person at any of the start-of-year events. During the very relaxed 5-minute interview, we ask you a few questions about yourself and your interests in HSO, and you have a chance to ask us anything you're wondering as well.

And don't worry if you don't feel you've been "Hindu" enough in your past. This board is made up of every type of person from atheist to questioning to born and bred Hindu--the uniting factor is an interest in being a part of what we do, from music and dance to cultural events to seva and bhajans.


Contacting our Board

For general questions and requests concerning co-hosting, co-sponsoring, attendance at your event, etc., please email the HSO Executive Board at

To subscribe to our mailing list, please send a message to our secretary, also at, with your name and email address.

For individual contacts, please click on the following names:

Co-coordinators: Nita Ponnaganti and Shambavi Sadayappan
Treasurer: Sameer Mishra
Secretary: Arthi Suresh
Public Relations: Mihir Awati
Community Liaison: Aishwarya Raja

Hindu Life Advisor

Contact Columbia's Hindu religious life advisor, Pandit Gadadhara Das, by email at or by phone at 614-286-1080. For more information, visit