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A student group may not become recognized by the IGB or recognition may be revoked by the IGB if that group has as its main purpose to actively engage in lobbying for legislation pending in any governmental body or is actively involved in the campaign of any person running for public office.

De-recognition may also occur if the group has any outstanding financial obligation to the IGB or another University body, unless a plan is agreed and adhered to for settlement of the obligation. Other grounds for de-recognition may ensue if the group engages in, sponsors, or threatens physical violence or destruction of property or permits itself to be used to cover or obscure the activities or objectives of another group or persons for the use of the University’s name or facilities.

The recognition of a group may be reconsidered if it intentionally misleads or misrepresents its intentions to the IGB. Such attempts shall be grounds for immediate expulsion or termination of space allocation and/or other membership privileges within the IGB, at the discretion of the IGB.

If the group has been inactive and/or dormant for 2 consecutive academic semesters or fails to fulfill its membership responsibilities as outlined above, recognition may be denied or a group may be de-recognized.

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