The Society of International

is the official student group for international and internationally-minded students of Columbia University's four undergraduate colleges (BC, CC, GS, CE).

We aim to improve the experience of international students at Columbia University and to cultivate a diverse, inclusive community for students from every corner of the world.
We hope to provide a forum through which members can gather, share experiences, find likeminded people, raise concerns, and -most importantly - make friends.
We invite fellow international students to join us and add to our growing international family.

Our Mission

The Society of International Undergraduates aims to foster and promote Columbia University's vibrant and established international community. We organise meet-and-greets, group outings, and various other events intended to reflect the diverse interests of our members. These include an annual trivia competition and a soccer world cup - both of which have proved highly successful in the past and enormously popular events on campus, even outside the international community. Moving to the United States can be a difficult process, so we also place a great emphasis on helping new students ease into life at Columbia. This year will see the introduction of our international support network with the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) which incoming and existing international students can speak with mentors and alumni from their respective countries and regions.