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The following are a number of starting-points for searching and browsing the Internet. While it is not exhaustive and we cannot make guarantees of its accuracy, reliability or completeness, we have found them of great help nonetheless.

  Search Engines
  • Yahoo!--The original large index, organized by topic.

  • Yahoo! New York--Index that concentrates on New York-related subjects.

  • Excite--Featuring ranked results, reviews, news.

  • Lycos--Featuring ranked results and reviews.

  • Alta Vista Search--Search engine for the Web and Usenet.

  • Infoseek--Standard search and stocks and investing information.

  • WebCrawler--Search and reviews.

  • OpenText--Advanced searching.

  • Magellan--Search and reviews

  • HotBot--The Wired search engine.

  Community Information

  Internet Information Servers