Saturday July 19, 1997
1:30pm - 5:30pm
UCLA, Los Angeles

Session I:
50 Years After Independence

Fifty years after the transfer of power by the British, the majority of the people of South Asia continue to be subject to grinding poverty and live under the shadow of imminent violence. In the past month, a study has indicated that South Asia is the poorest regions of the world in terms of poverty, illiteracy and human development. Today, the people of the region continue to be prey to new and old divisions, while South Asia ranks as one of the most heavily militarised regions in the world. The papers and discussions in this session will be a contribution to the overall assessment and summation being made at this time of the experience of the last fifty years.

Session II:
30th Anniversary of Naxalbari

In the last fifty years of formal independence, all the struggles that the Indian people have waged, be it on Narmada, GATT, communal massacres or human rights - point to the centrality of the question of political power. In this entire period, the Naxalbari movement stands out as the singular event in Indian history that sought to actually change the character of political power in India in a fundamental way from the hands of the well-to-do and into the hands of the deprived. Papers in this session will discuss the experience of Naxalbari and the developments since then in the context of the overall struggle for the empowerment of the Indian people.

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