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   Newsletter of the Indian Progressive Study Group, Los Angeles

                             August 1996

For information on our upcoming activities:

call:   (310) 391-0692
email:  ipsg@ucla.edu
web:    www.columbia.edu\cu\ipsg

In less than a year, India will mark the fiftieth anniversary of the end 
of the British Raj. This historic occasion forces us to reflect and 
elaborate on the future direction of India. It is become apparent that 
India cannot afford to carry on in the old way. An alternative must be 
found that can profoundly change the economic and political lives of 
people, and end the cycle of violence and the denial of rights.

It is against this backdrop that IPSG, LA is appealing to everyone to 
come forward and work towards finding a collective solution. This 
requires paying attention to the context of the changed world. This also 
requires summing up the experience of people not only in India, but all 
other countries that have the parliamentary system of government, the 
market-based economy, a political system based on an 18th century 
conceptions of civil liberties, rule of law and private property etc. 
India cannot become a country of free peoples, if it fails to chart its 
own path that is determined and implemented by its own people. No 
borrowed model or program will help.

The recently concluded eleventh Lok Sabha elections have once again shown 
that the ruling circles of India - the main beneficiaries of the last 
half a century - have no plans to change the main direction of India. If 
they continue to have their way, it will be more of the same. The rich 
will continue to get richer, the crises facing India will worsen, and the 
problems of the working people in the cities and villages, women, 
minorities, or of those fighting for their national rights will not be 
taken up for solution. This newsletter is being published as part of the 
effort to engage people in discussing what the urgent tasks are for 
renovating India's economic and political life. It is our first attempt 
to pose some of these questions. We want to hear from you.


Published by the Indian Progressive Study Group, Los Angeles