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Ending the Legacy of Division
Saturday, August 2, 1pm - 6 pm
Earl Hall, Columbia University

A conference organized on the ocassion of India's 50th independence anniversary. Topics covered by the speakers:
  • Fifty Years of Independence: Fifty Years of Divisions
  • Post-independence Developments in the Economy, Politics, Rights, and Culture
  • Institutionalization of Divisions in Colonial India: A Chronology
  • Divide and Rule in Modern Times
  • A Modern Definition of Rights in the Era of Globalization
  • Secularism and Communalism in the Context of Equal Rights
  • Insurgence, Armed Struggle and the Striving for a New Political Power in India
  • Divisions in the Left Movement Before and After Naxalbari
  • UF Government and the Crisis of Parliamentary Democracy in India
  • Democratic Renewal in India - The Role of Political Parties and Electoral System

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