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March 24th '12, Sat, NOROUZ DANCE PARTY + Dinner (by Ravagh restaurant) + cash wine bar after party, Alfred Lerner Hall room C555, 7pm-1:30am

Tickets available March 1st

Feb 10th '12, Fri, MIX and MINGLE DANCE PARTY, $5 CUID,$7 non-CUID, Lerner Hall-Rm C555, 8-11pm.Music will be streamed from an iPad 2
Jan 31th '12, Tue, FREE MOVIE SCREENING of CIRCUMSTANCE, Lerner Hall: Roone Arledge Cinema,7:30-9:30 pm.
Going to a student organization's movie screening is a more social way to watch a movie. Many students use personal electronic devices to watch movies, like ipads, and ipods that they buy from various websites, such as or others. We feel like rather than watching a movie on your ipod, or ipad, it's better to attend a social event.

Sep 30th, Thu, VOTER REGISTRATION, CU Low Steps (co-sponsored by CU Democrats)10am-6pm.

Sep 30th, Thu, PERSIAN PASSIONS RAVE dance party, CAMPO(113th &Bway) 11:30 pm. Strobe lights and lasers will be mounted to the door, porch & RV retractable awnings in Campo to add to the visual affects.

Oct 25th, Sat, PERSIAN PASSIONS HALLOWEEN costume party, CAMPO (113th & Bway) 11:30 pm
If you are looking to take your costume party on the move, look into a power conditioner to help protect your music and electronic equipment for the party. With different models of power conditioners for medical and industrial use, make sure you find the one that works well for you.

Sep 27th '08, Saturday, PERSIAN PASSIONS dance party, new CAMPO (113th and Bway)@ 11:30 pm

Sep 20th '08, Saturday, COLUMBIA PASSPORT cultural event, Columbia Lerner Roone Auditorium (115th and Bway) @ 7 - 10 pm
Students at Columbia University recognize that support positions within a company or group are vital to the operation as a whole. An excellent example of this would be the people who run hospital facilities management | hospital housekeeping as they keep up with the details of the workspace while the healthcare providers treat the patients.

March 29th '08, Saturday, NOROUZ PARTY, Columbia Lerner Party Space (115th and Bway) @8 pm

Oct 12th '07, Friday, PERSIAN PASSIONS, LOFT LOUNGE (Columbus Ave, btw 84th, 85th) 10:30 pm

Buy tickets here :

September 7th '07, Friday, Welcome Table at Low Plaza, Main campus (116th & Bway) @ 12-4 pm.

April 30th '07, Monday, Movie Screening (Khaneh Ma), Lerner Hall Room 555 @ 5 pm.


Friday, April 20th '07, Persian Passions at LOFT (Columbus ave, b/w 84, 85) @ 10:30 pm

March 24th '07, Saturday, NOROUZ PARTY, Columbia Lerner Party Space (115th and Bway) @8 pm
Nov 11th '06, Saturday, PERSIAN PASSIONS, Casbah Rouge ( 110th and Broadway ) @10 pm
May 5th '06, Friday, PERSIAN PASSIONS, LOFT LOUNGE ( Columbus Ave, btw 84th, 85th )
March 25th '06,Saturday, NOWROUZ PARTY,Columbia University ( 116th st, Bway ) , EARL HALL

March 19th '06, Persian Arts Festival at Makor (35w.57th st)

March 4th '06, Live Performance (Halee, Negin, and Atoosa) and much more for a good cause at Ora Lounge (39E 19th st, Btw Bway and Park Ave)

Saturday, Feb 25th '06, Persian Passions at Casbah Rouge (110th, BW)
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