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Columbia University Human Research Protection Program

Policies and Guidance


Selected University Research Policies








Institutional Review Board (IRB)

Age of Majority Chart for states within the U.S.

Age of Majority Chart for Canadian provinces

State-by-state "Marriage Age of Consent" Laws

Worldwide ages of consent (sexual activity) 

Guttmacher Institute: An Overview of Minors’ Consent Law (Aug 1, 2009)

     Guidance on Processing External Adverse Events


Protection of Human Subjects and Adherence to Ethical Standards in DoD-Supported Research

Department of the Navy HRPP Training and Education Guidance

International Standards

Related Information



Data Security Plans Involving the Storage of Certain Electronic Research Data in Human Subjects Research, 2/1/2013

Attached Document Conversion, October 2012

Enrollment of Non-English Speaking Subjects in Research, 12/6/2008 version

Incidental Findings from Imaging Procedures Conducted for Research Studies, 8/7/2012 version

Informed Consent Policy, 5/8/07 version

Informed Consent Policy, 11/19/09 version

Informed Consent Policy, 4/1/10 version

IRB Standard Operating Procedures, 12/15/2008 version

IRB Standard Operating Procedures, effective 8/24/2009, revised 10/26/2011

Section IX, revised, effective 10/28/11; supercedes section within 8/24/09 version

Noncompliance Policy, 1/23/2006 version

Noncompliance Policy, 12/1/2009 version

Noncompliance Policy, 2/24/2010 version

Noncompliance Policy, 11/15/2012 version

Protocol Deviations and Protocol Violations, 10/29/2013 version

Students as Researchers


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