Sample Letter For H-1B Petition for Teaching Position

The sponsor letter must be detailed and include certain items. You may use this example as a guide. We have reproduced this humanities faculty sponsor letter (with permission from the department) because of its completeness. This letter includes 1) an introductory paragraph with the purpose of the letter and the length of the requested employment, 2) information about the petitioner, Columbia University, and the specific department hiring the person, 3) duties and degree required for the position, 4) the Beneficiary's (prospective employee's) previous relevant experience and education, and 5) the terms of employment, including the length of employment, which must include the statement that the employer will pay for the return trip home, if the employee is dismissed, and the agreement to abide by the terms of the Labor Condition Application. The salary should also be in this paragraph. If the petition is for a research position, please refer to the Research Position Sample Letter.



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RE: H-1B Petition of Columbia University on behalf of Dr. (name of prospective employee)

Dear Sir or Madam:

This letter is submitted in support of the petition of Columbia University to classify Dr. (employee's name), a (country) national, as an H-1 nonimmigrant in a specialty occupation - Associate Professor of (title of appointment) - on a temporary basis. The intended period of employment is three years.

The Petitioner

Columbia University is a world-renowned center of research and education, with over 5,000 faculty and researchers, a supporting staff of over 8,000, and an enrollment of over 22,000 students. The Department of (department name) boasts a Faculty of world-wide distinction at the tenured level and a junior Faculty of rich and rare promise. The Department has a long history of distinguished teaching and scholarship and is committed to making appointments which will maintain those high standards and thus provide the best possible education for Columbia students in the fields of ______.

The Position Offered

Dr. (employee's name) is being offered temporary employment in the position of Associate Professor of (appointment title). A doctorate in the field of (name of field) is required to hold the title of Associate Professor at Columbia University. The first responsibility of his proposed appointment is the teaching of undergraduate and graduate students in the area of _________ language and literature - an area in which Dr. (employee's name) specializes in his own research. The Department of ____ has traditionally provided the widest possible range of courses in _________ language and literature in order to serve the interests and needs of students at every level. Those courses range from the elementary teaching of _____ language to the intermediate reading and literary appreciation of select authors; from the more advanced undergraduate study of _________ literature and civilization to graduate research seminars which specialize in the analysis and interpretation of specific literary, philosophical and historical texts; from advanced undergraduate tuition in the writing of ____ to graduate classes in the history and science of the language. This range of courses requires flexibility and diverse skills in the faculty, as well as proven expertise in different forms of teaching, among them lecturing, conducting seminars or colloquia, and supervising the research of both undergraduates and graduates on an individual basis. The expectation must be that any appointee will meet these rigorous teaching requirements as well as providing various other important services to both the Department and the University.

Columbia University's reputation as a research institution of the first rank demands that, in addition to excellence in teaching, a given appointee is equipped to contribute new knowledge to the field of his or her special expertise. The Department of ____ has a distinguished record in this respect, and one that sets a stringent standard in the selection of new or continuing Faculty. The selection of talented junior Faculty must in particular take into account the potential for scholarly growth and development, thereby ensuring that any appointee will benefit the Department on two fronts; in teaching and also in the enhancement of Columbia University's external reputation as a distinguished center of original research in ____. The presumption must therefore be that any new appointee is fully committed to the production and publication of new scholarship, and with proven competence to that end.

A faculty-position at Columbia University also requires certain kinds of administrative capability, especially in the academic advising of undergraduate and graduate students. Junior Faculty can expect to serve for a period of at least two years as undergraduate Departmental Representative, or the officer responsible for liaisoning on academic matters with students, with other educational and administrative departments within Columbia University, and with their counterparts at comparable institutions elsewhere in the country. The presumption is that any new or continuing appointee will be equipped to fulfill this kind of administrative role as well as meeting his or her other teaching and research responsibilities.

The Beneficiary

Dr. ________________ is ideally suited to fulfill the functions of an associate Professor of ___. In 19__ he was awarded a first-class undergraduate degree in ___ (Bachelor of Arts) at ______ University; he went on to do graduate work at _______, completing his doctoral dissertation on ____ in 19__; he was awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in that year. He went on to teach and to pursue his research as a Fellow of ____ College, ______ University, where he published a number of articles on _______ literature. In 19__ he was appointed Assistant Professor of ____ at Columbia University; in 19__ he was promoted to Associate Professor of ______.

Dr. ______________ promotion reflects the quality of his services thus far to the Department of _____ at Columbia University. His teaching, which has been extremely wide ranging in its scope, has been of the highest standard; its quality was recognized in 19__ by his winning of the _____________ Award. This honor is reserved for those junior Faculty who have truly distinguished themselves in the classroom, but whose contribution to the academic life of the University is also very substantial in other ways. Since he has been at Columbia University, Dr. ______________ has published a number of substantial and important articles on __________ in a variety of distinguished international journals. His work has concentrated mainly on the writings of __________ with particular emphasis on the writings of _____. In addition, Dr. _________________ has recently published an important book, ________________ , which breaks new ground in the interpretation of a major area of ____ writing. A second book, recently completed, is due for publication in 1996 as a supplementary volume to ______; its theme, the _____, similarly promises to shed new and important light on an area of _____ scholarship which has been little studied. In addition, Dr. _________ is under contract with the ____ University Press to produce a book on ______; this project takes Dr. _________ into a new area of his personal research, and one which proves his versatility as a scholar of great promise.

Dr. ______________ has functioned as the undergraduate representative for the Department of ____ from 199__-199_, and has performed his duties with admirable competence and efficiency. He lends an energetic and thoroughly professional presence to his teaching and administrative duties within the Department of _____, and while shouldering these substantial duties he has continued to be a productive and innovative scholar. He is outstanding in his field of study, and one of few truly distinguished junior _____ scholars presently operating in American universities.

I sincerely hope that the above establishes to your satisfaction Dr. _________'s qualifications for the post offered; and that, based on his professional accomplishments and his unique abilities, his case for an H-1B1 classification will be deemed acceptable.

Terms of Employment

Dr. ____________ services will be required for a period of three years. I understand the temporary scope of Dr. _________'s employment and have informed him of this condition. If Dr. _________ is dismissed for any reason before the end of the period of authorized admission, we agree to pay the reasonable costs of return transportation for Dr. ________ to the country of last residence. We also agree to abide by the conditions of the Labor Condition Application. Dr. _______________ will be paid a salary of $________ per year.

Yours Sincerely,


Professor of ___________,
Columbia University