In Fulfillment of the Language Requirement

Required courses:

For students with no knowledge of Italian the required sequence is V1101-V1102 and V1201-V1202. For students planning to enroll in Intensive Italian courses a minimum of three semesters of Italian language instruction is required, such as: V1121, V1201, V1202
or V1101, V1102, V1203
or V1121, V1203 and one of the following: V3333, V3334, V3335, or V3336.

Students with prior knowledge of Italian must take the Italian placement exam before registering for a course.

Students may be exempted from the language requirement in Italian in one of three ways:

* By presenting a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement Italian
* By presenting a score of 780 or above on the SAT Subject Test in
* By obtaining a satisfying score on the department’s placement