Joining the Club:

To join the club simply attend one of our regular sessions and speak with an officer. You may join at any time during the semester. No prior martial arts experience is required.

Although aspects of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu curriculum are cumulative, each lesson is designed to be self-contained. Consistent attendance is encouraged in order to progress quickly, but many members attend once or twice a week, as their class or work schedules permit.

Personal Health and Hygiene:

BJJ is a close-contact grappling sport. As such, we expect all members to preserve good personal hygiene; keep your nails trimmed and gear/uniforms washed regularly, please.

This sport can be physically demanding. If you have a disability or medical condition that you think might affect your ability to train, be sure to speak with one of the club instructors prior to your first lesson.

Membership Dues:

Membership dues are $100 per semester. Your first week is free. All participants must have a valid Dodge Fitness Center membership and sign a waiver in order to train. In addition to providing high-level instruction and one of the largest training areas in the city, membership dues allow CUBJJ students to benefit from subsidized tournament entry-fees, discounted seminars, and reduced-cost training at the world-famous Renzo Gracie Academy. Ask an officer for more details.