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Subscriptions are accepted on a per-volume basis only, starting with the fall issue. Rates are $40.00 per year (domestic) and $45.00 per year (foreign), or $17.50 for individual issues. All subscriptions will be renewed automatically unless the subscriber provides timely notice. Address changes should be sent to the Journal editorial office at least one month before the date on which the change is to take effect. Please provide an old mailing label, if possible. The Post Office will not forward copies unless extra postage is paid by the subscriber. Duplicate copies will not be sent.

back issues

Individual issues from the current year or the past several years can be purchased directly from the Journal for $11.00 per issue. The Journal currently can provide back issues for the following issues:

Volume 39, Issues 1,2,3,4
Volume 40, Issues 1,2,3,4
Volume 41, Issues 1,2,3,4
Volume 42, Issues 1,2,3,4
Volume 43, Issues 1,2,3,4
Volume 44, Issues 1,2,3,4
Volume 45, Issues 1,2,3,4
Volume 46, Issues 1,2,3,4
Volume 47, Issues 1,2,3,4
Please send requests, along with payment, to
Columbia Journal of Law and Social Problems
435 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10027

For back issues from Volumes 1-38, inquire of
William S. Hein & Co.
1285 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209-1987
Phone: (800) 828-7571
Fax: (716) 883-8100