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    Jewish Electronic Calendar Issue #164

    Serving the Jewish Community of Columbia University in New York, NY

    Friday, May 7th - 21 Iyar 5759 - Day 36 of the Omer

    Candlelighting: 7:39 pm
    Yavneh: 7:40 pm in the Earl Hall auditorium
    KOACH: 7:30 pm in 312 Math
    KESHER: 6:15 pm in the Schiff room of Earl Hall

    Mazel Tov to all the graduating seniors on this final Shabbat!

    Come to the last oneg of the year. Tonight at 10:30 pm in John Jay Lounge.

    Please note that there is no building manager in Earl Hall tonight nor will there be one on Saturday night. Therefore either Rabbi Sheer or Rabbi Rosenn must be the last person out of the building. Please be courteous by not socializing after services.

    Join Bikkur Cholim, visiting the sick at 5 pm. Meet in front of Ramat Orah, on 110th street near Broadway. Contact Matt Jacobs x32057 or Talia Swartz x31452.

    ATTENTION SENIORS! COME TO THE ANNUAL SENIOR DINNER, Thursday May 13. Sign up in the Jewish Office by Tuesday, cost is $10. .

    Everyone in URH housing: URH has changed its policy regarding extensions. Rather than informing students of extension opportunities, they are requiring all students needing extensions to find this information theirselves. If you need an extension for the Sabbath after finals, you must apply for it by today, Friday, 5pm. According to the office, any reuests revieved after that point will be denied.

    If you have not received your copy of IGGROT ha'Ari in the mail, please come pick up one in the Jewish Office. If you would like to be on staff next year or if you have a paper to submit, contact Yael Lerman at YL234. You can also pick up journal guidelines in the Jewish Office.

    Do you have extra Barnard dining points that are soon going to disappear into point oblivion? Then please contact Ilisa Schaffer at x31576 (is179) or Miriam Sheinbein at x32474 (mas146) to transform those wasted points into food for the New York hungry.

    Please note that next year the Shabbat before Labor Day will be part of our Orientation program. There will not be meals provided at Hewitt for returning students, only for new students. If you plan to be on campus that weekend, please make other arrangements for your meals.

    Rabbi Sheer is looking to hire a Mashgiach to oversee the kosher dining plan at Barnard for next semester. The individual must be knowledgeable of the laws of kashrut and observe the Sabbath according to halachah (Jewish law). Free meals & a nice stipend. Contact Rabbi Sheer as soon as possible.

    Attention Seniors: Are you moving to Boston or know someone moving to Boston? If so, check out Project Gesher. Project Gesher welcomes young adults (22-35) to the Boston Jewish community and is a wonderful way to connect to community, make new friends, get involved with Jewish life and attend great events. For more info check out www.gesher.net call (617) 457-8789 or e-mail info@gesher.net

    There are brand new T-shirts & sweatshirts available for sale with Columbia University in Hebrew & English. Come to the Jewish Office.

    Still not sure what you're doing this summer? Write for a Jewish magazine, doe development work in Zimbabwe and Israel, try your hand at camp. Come by the Jewish Office and check out the large array of jobs & internship opportunities!

    Shabbat Night
    Shabbat dinner: 9:00 pm in Hewitt.

    Shabbat Morning
    Yavneh services: 9:15 am in the Auditorium.
    Koach services : 10:00 in the Dodge Room.
    Rabbi Sheer's class: 11:30 am in the Schiff Room

    Shabbat Afternoon
    Shabbat Lunch: 12:30 pm in Hewitt.

    WTG services: 7:10 pm
    Koach services: 7:10 pm
    Yavneh services: 7:20 pm
    Rabbi Sheer will be giving a D'vor Torah in honor of the graduating seniors.

    Havdalah: 8:45 pm


    Shabbat Shalom!
    Scott Susser

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