KOACH Shabbat Announcements

December 3rd issue:

*Shabbat Times >>>
*Service Leaders wanted >>>
*Run for Koach Vaad!!! >>>
*Out for Love: A Documentary >>>
*Jack Handey quote of the Week >>>


Candle Lighting: 4:10 PM
Koach: 4:15 PM

Shabbat Morning:
Koach: 10:00 AM

Shabbat Afternoon:
Koach: 3:45 PM
Havdalah: 5:11 PM

**Koach’s new policy is that announcements can only be made from the pulpit that have been told to the co-chairs in advance. If you have an announcement you would like us to make, or that you feel is important, please let us know at koach@hillel.columbia.edu before Shabbat! -------------------------------------------------------------------

Koach Birthright

Would you like to spend 2 weeks in Israel for free? Never been on an organized trip to Israel before? Contact Alex Helfand, our Koach Campus intern, for more details.


General Hillel Announcements

Hang out and relax with friends at a Hillel-wide Dessert Party, this Friday night. This is a party you don't want to miss!!! The party will begin at 9:15 pm on the second floor. So come and meet some new people, why not??



*If you know someone who does not receive these emails, but would like to. Please email The Co-chairs

*If you would like to be on our education committee, to help plan events, teach people how to lead services, and prepare study sheets, please E-mail Koach.

*If you would like to lead any part of Friday night services, give a speech, or sponsor Kiddush, please E-mail Adam Goodkind.

*If you would like to lead any part of Saturday services, read Torah, or read Haftorah, please E-mail Koach.


Jack Handey Quote of the Email:

“If you ever fall off the Sears Tower, just go real limp, because maybe you'll look like a dummy and people will try to catch you because, hey, free dummy.”

Shabbat Shalom !!