Kosher Dining Establishments
in the Manhattan Area

Bakeries & Specialties

NameLocationPhone Number Cert.
Royale Kosher Bake Shop 237 West 72nd St. 874-5642 KAJ
Bagel & Co 500 East 76th St (York Ave) 717-0505 MBK
Grossinger's Bakery 570 Columbus Ave. (87th St) 874-6966 MBK
My Most Favorite Dessert Co. 1165 Madison (86th St) CLOSED MBK


NameLocationPhone Number Cert.
Fischer Bros. & Leslie 230 West 72nd St. (Broadway) 787-1715 MBK
Park East Glatt Kosher Butcher 1163 Madison Ave. (86th St) 737-9800 MBK
Sterns Glatt Kosher Emporium 526 Amsterdam Ave. (85th St) 875-1731 MBK

Dairy Restaurants

NameLocationPhone Number Cert.
Diamond Dairy Restaurant 4 West 47th St. (5th Ave) 719-2694 CRC
Time-Out Pizza and Falafel Amsterdam Ave (186-187 in YU) 923-1180 KAJ
American Cafe and Health Bar 160 Broadway (Wall St) 732-1426 Kof-K
Mom's Bagels 15 West 45th St (5th Ave) 764-1566 Kof-K
Pizza Roma Amsterdam at 92nd St. 875-8972 Kof-K
Provi Provi 228 West 72nd St(B-way,WstEnd) 875-9020 Kof-K
Ratners 138 Delancy St. 677-5588 Kof-K
Vegetable Garden 15 East 40th St (5th, Madison) 545-7444 Kof-K
Vegetable Garden II 175 Madison Ave (33rd, 34th) 545-7666 Kof-K
Joseph's 50 West 72nd Street (Columbus, West End) 595-5004 MBK
All American Health Bar 24 East 42nd St.(5th, Madison) 370-4525 OK
Great American Health Bar 106 Fulton St.(SouthSt Seaport) 587-0262 OK
Pizza Pazza 866 Ave of the Americas(30th St) 686-8319 OK
Shalom Pizza 359 Grand St 598-4178 OK
Vegetarian Heaven 304 West 58th St (8th Ave) 956-4678 OK
My Most Favorite Dessert Co. 1165 Madison Ave (86th St) CLOSED MBK
My Most Favorite Dessert 120 West 45th St (6th, B-way) 997-5130 OU
Va Bene 1589 2nd Ave. (82nd St) 517-4448 OU
Cafe Weissman 1109 5th Ave (92nd St) 423-3200 RCBC
Cafe Roma Pizzeria 459 Park Ave South (31 St) 683-3046 Star-K
Jerusalem II 1375 Broadway (37th St) 398-1475 VF

Meat Restaurants

NameLocationPhone Number Cert.
Kosher Tea Room 193 2nd Ave(12th St) 677-2947 BDCH
Abigail's Grill NY 9 East 37th St (Madison and 5th) 725-0130 Kof-K
China Shalom II 686 Columbus Ave (94th St) 662-9676 Kof-K
Colbeh 43 West 39th St(6th Ave) 354-8181 Kof-K
Deli Kasbah 251 West 85th St (Broadway) 496-1500 Kof-K
Deli Kasbah Uptown 2553 Amsterdam Ave (186th St) 568-4600 Kof-K
Dougies BBQ&Grill 222 West 72nd St 724-2222 Kof-K
Galil 1252 Lexington Ave (85th St) 439-9886 Kof-K
Glatt Dynasty 1049 2nd Ave (55-56 St) 888-2256 Kof-K
Levanah 141 West 69th St (Broadway) 877-8457 Kof-K
Mendy's 61 East 34th St (Park Ave) 576-1010 Kof-K
Mendy's West West 70th St 877-6787 Kof-K
Village Crown 96 3rd Ave (12th St) 674-2061 Kof-K
What's Cookin' 18 East 41st St 725-6096 Kof-K
Yum Yum Shoppe 2504 Amsterdam Ave (184-185 St) 568-9289 Kof-K
Cafe Masada 1239 1st Ave (67th St) 988-0950 OK
Cafe Yarden 286 Columbus Ave (72nd St) 721-5333 OK
Le Marais 150 West 46th St (6th, Broadway) 869-0900 OK
Haikara 1016 Second Ave (52nd) 355-7000 OU
Chez Lanu - Mr. Broadway 1372 Broadway (37th St) 921-2152 OU
Grand Deli 399 Grand St (Clinton) 477-5200 OU
La Fontana 309 East 83rd St (1st, 2nd ave) 734-6343 OU
Lou G. Siegels 209 West 38th St (7th Ave) CLOSED OU
Tevere 84 155 East 84th St (Lexington) 744-0210 OU
Har Zion 325 5th Ave (32nd St) 213-1110 Star-K
Deli-Glatt Stop Sandwiches 150 Fulton St (Broadway) 349-3622 VF
Kosher Delight 1365 Broadway (36th St) 563-3366 VF
Kosher Delight 6th Ave (45th St) 869-6699 VF

Take Out & Home Delivery

NameLocationPhone Number Cert.
Long Island Glatt (Meat) 829 West 181 St 795-0248 KAJ
H&H Bagels 2239 Broadway (80th St) 595-8000 KofK
Meal Mart Glatt Kosher 2189 Broadway(77th St) 787-4720 MBK
Miller's Cheese/Dairy Menagerie 2192 Broadway(78th St) 496-8855 MBK
Sara's Market 1466 2nd Ave (77th St) 737-3900 MBK
Essen West 226 West 72nd St (Broadway) 362-1234 OU
Sushiko-Sher(delivery only) 66 West 38th St (6th Ave) 768-3737 OU

Key to Kasharut Certifications

BDCH = Beth Din Zedek of Crown Heights

CRC = Central Rabbinical Congress

KAJ = K'hal Adath Jeshurun

Kof-K = Kosher Supervision Service, Rabbi Harvey Senter

MBK = Midtown Board of Kashruth

OK = Kashruth Organization

OU = Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America

RCBC = Rabbinical Council of Bergen County

Star-K= Star K Kosher Certification, Vaad HaKashrut of Baltimore

VF = Va'ad HaRabonim of Flatbush