Perspectives of Columbia University
Volume XVII Number 3

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Portrait of Bayleh, Lodz 

"Portrait of Bayleh, Lodz 1904"
(April Greenberg)


From the Editor
Rebecca Phillips

Bible and the Core:
A Response

-- Yossie Levine

Interview: David Weiss Halivni
-- Deena Aranoff

(Alyssa Klapper)

Art and Judaism

Editor's Intro
-- Ben Spinner

1. From a Religious Palette
-- Sara Sherbill

(April Greenberg)

2. For God or for Man?
-- Shari Feibusch

(April Greenberg)

3. Values of Torah and Art
-- Roselyn Farren

(April Greenberg)

What's in a Kippah?

-- Noam Cohen

(Arielle Wilen)

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