Perspectives of Columbia University
Volume XVIII Number 1

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Theology Meets Reality
-- Elizabeth Mandel

A Passion for Learning
-- Yehuda Kurtzer

Jews in the University
-- Jonathan Nathan

FOCUS: 100 Years of Zionism

Editor's Intro
-- Rebecca Phillips

  1. Zionism Means Aliyah
    -- Eric Leskly

  2. Reconstructing God's World
    -- Avery Samet

    (April Greenberg)

  3. Changing the Status Quo
    -- Eytan Hammerman

  4. Embracing Jewish Culture
    -- Fiona Smith

    (Mara Lazarus)

My Confession
-- L. J. Gold

(April Greenberg)

A Chance Meeting, Long After
-- Maya Bernstein

Coming Soon

"After the Rand-McNalley Map of Asia, 1912"
(April Greenberg)

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